How big is the GBX team assigned to support Homeworld?

How many people are assigned to support this game? Also, are you also outsourcing any of your work to others?

I don’t know the exact numbers but last I heard it’s only a small and minor team involved within GBX… Perhaps 12, 13 people from GBX directly plus few from Black Bird mostly former Original Homeworld devs…

I’m kinda waiting for the ball to drop. Like how many patches will we get? One more and that’s it? Two if we’re lucky? Gearbox have already cashed in the check, HW:R is nothing but an expense atm. Management must be thinking how can we let this game go with the least amount of fuss. Or maybe not, we know how unapologetic they were regarding A:CM, they would probably not lose any sleep over flipping off the HW community.

Lets just wait and see… Considering that ship breakers is on it’s way I do believe there are some long term plans with the Ip but it really all depends on ship breakers then…

Considering that they released a rather unfinished remastered edition & unfinished mp mode I must wonder though… If many of the new comers will give that game a chance if they may have bad memories of the remasters… On the other hand many of the new comers did enjoy it some even claiming the remasters would be to hard… ^^
Simply because they didn’t know how Hw1 used to be and how it was strip bare…

That’s great guys, thanks.

But I just wanted to know how many people are assigned to support this game as their job duties. @Jeffybug

About Ship breakers, do you think they’re going to use the HW2 engine with it’s RNG nonsense or a proper physics engine with ballistics simulation?

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It’ll be a totally different and new game engine a modern one. If self made or licensed of other sources I can’t tell. But probably self made. That game was already under production before GBX invited them… They probably had to redo a lot of things in order to prep it for being a Homeworld title like story changes model and prop changes etc… But it’s of the official creative heads that were behind the Homeworld franchise so it has to be good.

As far as I know and imagine it’ll tell the story of the exiled Kushan how they fought one another till they found the Khar-Toba relic in the big desert which united the kiith clans under one banner. So we may get to learn a lot more of the Hiigarans their past, cool thing.
It’ll be ground based though for the first time in history.

I for once would have rather hoped to play a prequel which actually led to their exile with the Bentusi crushing the Hiigaran fleet or the Raid on the Taiidan Homeworld etc.

Word is Shipbreakers is using the Unity engine.

Ehh, I’m skeptical about the Unity engine, it’s cheap and cheerful, which makes it a boon for indie devs, but it can’t do much more than just the basics.

I got bad memories from KSP

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Irrelevant as some of these posts may be, they are bumping the thread which is good since a lot of people would like to know the answer to this question.

Everyone should keep in mind that the number of devs supporting the game post-release is inevitably going to be smaller than the total that worked on it while it was in development.

Some of these devs’ tasks and responsibilities on the game are finished and are no longer needed on HW:R - i.e. if 15 people worked on the game pre-release and 5 of those people were modellers, skinners, animators and texture artists, then (post-release) you can’t expect those same 5 people to have the skillset to then be assigned to programming in order to tweak balancing, bring back HW1 gameplay functionality, adding UI customisation etc.


The Homeworld remasterd team had 1 lead, 3 main and 8 support programmers according to the credits some of whom you would expect to be involved with the post release support. just because of their experience.

You’d think Geabox would be all over them to use the HW2 engine, considering the time and effort spent bringing it back up to speed :confused:

Must no be compatible or something …

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Considering Shipbreakers is on Kharak and Homeworld 2 is set in space, I foresee nothing but problems if they were to try and use the latter’s engine for Shipbreakers. It would probably be easier for a professional team to code a new one from scratch.


Idk how useful HW2’s engine would be. Even for future space-based Homeworld projects. They got it running again, and it’s nice on client side, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good engine for a modern project. Be interesting to hear a comment from a dev about that.


I think it would be somewhat ironic if the HW2 engine got dropped for any future Homeworld games. I’d say their invested in it now so will use it at least for the third instalment… assuming it does get made :slight_smile: (crosses fingers)

I’m kinda waiting for the ball to drop. Like how many patches will we get? One more and that’s it? Two if we’re lucky? Gearbox have already cashed in the check, HW:R is nothing but an expense atm. Management must be thinking how can we let this game go with the least amount of fuss. Or maybe not, we know how unapologetic they were regarding A:CM, they would probably not lose any sleep over flipping off the HW community.

It depends on how long the tail goes with electronic distribution, which depends on word of mouth and continued improvements. Is improving X or Y likely to result in more sales or not? Better multi-player is almost certainly going to extend the tail, as is mod support. Not sure we’ll see many campaign-only changes, though.

Length of post release support is usually different from one company to the next or in many cases different form one project to the next even in the same company. It also depends heavily on publisher-developer relationship (I know of cases where the publisher has demanded the devs stop supporting a game, true story). This case is somewhat different from normal GBX projects in a couple of ways.

First off GBX developed and published rather than just developed HWR like in the case of say, A:CM where Sega was the publisher. In my experience this generally equates to more support not less as GBX is not dependent or beholden to a publishing company.

Another point that could count in HWR’s favor is that many of the top brass in GBX have a personal stake in the game, be it having worked on it in the past, having played it or just in general being a huge fan. This can be seen in the lengths they went to to remaster the game like original voice actors, getting the IP in the first place, allowing BBI to not only work on it but also give them access to the IP for shipbreakers. Again, from my experience where this was true in other games support for the game generally increases rather than decreases, even to the point where it becomes a cost to the company. Since they, again, do not have to answer to a publisher they have some leeway.

There is also the case that GBX needs some positive press with some of the past bad press they’ve had with Duke Nukem, A:CM, etc. They may simply see the somewhat minor costs of keeping HW:R supported as ‘PR costs’ and we get to reap the fruits of it.

Or heck, they might just be really passionate about HWR and would like to see it do good.

I’m not saying I know 100% for sure what will happen or that GBX is the same as company X, only that my experience at company X leads me to believe the above is possible. Only time will tell and speculating one way or the other (or a question as put forth in this thread) is obviously loaded with ulterior motive. I mean I’m not ashamed to say my ulterior motive is for the game to do well. What’s yours?

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Homeworld has the narrative potential, power and flavor of the likes to match the likes Halo, Gears of War, Starcraft and others if developed properly. There is spirit here that can propel the idea far beyond the confines of a handful of games and into other mediums, places, stories.

It was fumbled by Sierra, then ignored by THQ, and won by Gearbox after more than ten years of the IP molding away.

I will be enormously disappointed if another company fails to utilize that potential Homeworld promises.


Don’t get your hopes up, in terms of post release support, the only games that seen more than 2 patches from Gearbox have Borderlands in the title.

Duke was dropped, A:CM was dropped and HW:R was released how many weeks ago and we have only gotten one patch with a bunch of superfluous changes…

Par for the course. Gearbox… smh.

Read the dev tracker, indications are the next patch drops next week. Likewise, the first patch was a critical issues patch to address launch issues, they were very clear that is what it was.