How can I choose sessions to join like Bl2?

Last 3 tries or the owner of the session quit as soon as I joined or I got connection problems. How can I choose the session to enter by choosing ping like good ol BL2 that I played for 6 years and always found sessions? I can’t find a good session to enter with this simplified matchmaking, tell me you are working to fix this… There was nothing to improve from bl2 matchmaking, this is a horrible downgrade.

UP that I want an answer, I played BL2 for 6 years and hoped to do the same with this game, but the way it is NOW, it is impossible, don’t even find new players anymore. Game is broken, you know it, people are leaving, YOU KNOW IT, so you have to do something about it and FAST. I payed for the game, payed for the season pass and didn’t even received the stallion thing with all the chars, but IDC, I want to play this game correctly… ■■■■!

Agreed. Been a 1st day Bl1 guy and this is no no doubt going to be what, sadly, kills this game. Being able to choose what game I entered into was great. Maybe they’re curbing cheating? Jumping into a random game of my choosing was what kept me playing all these years. GEAR BOX PLEASE FIX THIS!!! Can any other BL2 folks back me up that the matchmaking is what kept them coming back all these years? (PC BTW)

curbing cheat

This is ridiculous for several reasons:
1-It’s PVE
2-Since Bl2 from +/- 2k hours of play experience that I have, what “cheaters” usually do is drop leg and help kill stuff faster, now this might sound strange to most ppl but there are players who actually need help, usually little kids, and there are a lot of them… But since gb got to kill TVH it is very hard to help weak players since everything else is stronger than you…
3-Ignorance, ppl don’t know what you can actually do in the game. Atm the most of what “cheaters” can do on BL3 is use a trainer. Trainers ONLY WORK IF THE ONE USING THE TRAINER IS THE ONE THAT IS HOSTING THE GAME so if a guy is too good on YOUR SESSION, he is just better than you, it is not a cheat. Sure you can alter skill points level but it won’t give you a ridiculous advantage like teleport, ridiculously improve dmg, super velocity, etc… It could improve like 10% overall? ThaT’s it, it is not even perceivable. There are people who can actually manage to edit weapons real time but so far I only know of one person that can do it and he is a cool guy that keeps to himself… AND the weapons are not that powerful because of sanity check so… A common flakker still does more dmg than a modded sniper 4 example…So… not so good anymore…
So kill mutiplayer because on “cheaters” is utterly ■■■■■■■■, you can just kick the guy out if you don’t like legendaries…
But what Gearbox really ■■■■■■ up with this ridiculously stupid multiplayer and mayhem mode:
1-There are trolls, and they are everywhere… So you are fighting on a troll session and you are helping him and you left your vehicle and he explodes it and leave… Great, I could just get out and choose a session where there is NO SAID PERSON EVER. But now, if I got out and come back , SURPRISE you are still on the troll session! This already happened to me on BL3, you ■■■■■■■ morons.
2-Another thing that happened already and it ruins the fun. Speed runners. you are playing with everyone killing stuff on order, then comes a ■■■■■■■ speed runner, usually fl4k that just go and leave every single enemy behind ALIVE, pass through all waypoints until the objective and leaves… GREAT now we don’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue to where the ■■■■ go… And this ■■■■■■ autistic multiplayer mode don’t help to do ■■■■, I could what? MUTE the guy?! You are joking right?!
3-Another thing that is happening is the guys that stay on some place far away from the spawn point and wait until you get there to just teleport…Wow, so ■■■■■■■ nice troll huh? But what choice do we have since the autistic dev made such ■■■■■■■■ decision of denying us to choose sessions?!

I agree that we need to browse a server list , which i miss greatly . And what the heck is this new fast travel , Who ever let this in the game need’s to be refreshed in some Full contact sign language.

Are the devs even playingn this? A OBVIOUS THING KEPT OCURRING yesterday:
I was trying to play and I fell on a random game and the guy was on Sanctuary, on the menu and not moving… So you can’t teleport to other places because he is on the menu, oh great let’s just quit and rematch again… ANNNNDDD I came back to the SAME SESSION

FYI I kept trying untill I found a game of a guy using a modded gun and making rain leg… But i just want to shoot things… Then I tried to find another place again and entered a guy who was quitting the game, then I finally found someone who played 1 subquest then he quit… And the quest was short…It was the zen bot quest…Did not shoot much things… Ah…■■■■… you ■■■■■■■ destroyed matchmaking…

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Did it occur to you guys that you don’t need to use matchmaking? Start getting friends gathered here or elsewhere and meet up for your co-op matches.

Not defending matchmaking mind you…but the solutions kind of obvious…if it doesn’t work…don’t use it.

I honestly refuse to use it myself…got a few good friends to play with…I prefer not to allow randoms to jump in and mess things up anyway.

@ [Kage_Goomba]
You are one of these guys that play this type of game for a couple weeks and then never again, you don’t have a clue of what you are talking about… Don’t try.

You don’t know who I am or what I do.

Maybe you should try using your brain…before you make a response like a child.

Now if you insist on acting like a child and throwing a tantrum…and continue to use a broken system without making an effort to enjoy the game in spite of it…that is up to you.

But as the saying goes…its still a pig…even if you put lipstick on it.

So take your own advice.

“Don’t try”

You just acted exactly like expected, you contributed to nothing. Just shown that you don’t have a clue why I said it by getting angry instead of understanding the meaning. See? This is exactly why I said: Don’t even try because you will just crap with your fingers, as you did.
If you are the dev, I really hope you aren’t, that made this horrible matchmaking you just confirmed that it is broken:

… continue to use a broken system…

If you played any BL2 for more than a couple of weeks wich is what most people does so it doesn’t matter to you how matchmaking works because you only play seldomly with your 2,3 friends anyway so why are you even giving an opinion of something you don’t even use!?! You have an opinion about something you don’t even use, just keep it to yourself, as I mentioned before:

Don’t even try, nobody want to know a opinion about something you have no clue on how it works, why it works specially BECAUSE YOU DON’T EVEN USE IT Use your brain wtf would want a opinion from someone who don’t know wtf he is talking about, use your brain, you said it here:

I honestly refuse to use it myself…

Do you understand now why I kindly asked you to don’t even try?
I really do hope you are not one of the devs of Bl3 because if you are then I just realized why the game is so fuc.ked up…

And in what shape form or fashion is ranting like a child contributing to this?

All your doing is ranting and raving and you have not once provided a solution short of throwing a hissy fit like a 3 year old.

Grow up. Act your age…or frankly…get out.

kage_Goomba still acting like a moron