How can I get the lvl 72 dlc?

Hello I have a question:I own borderlands 2 goty edition on ps3 and I have been looking trough the psn store to find the second ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack but all I get is the original game or the ultimate edition wich includes everything up to that point but I don’t want to purchase the game again as I already have 2 copies one from the gearbox borderlands 1+borderlands 2 pack and the other one being the goty edition of the game.Where can I get it as I have been looking and the dlc doesn’t show up unlike other games and I only have the option of rebuing the game again as it doesn’t show up at the add on selection of the game(in fact the addons don’t show up at all and only the ultimate edition and the vanilla game it is the first game I encountered this problem with).Sorry if put this in the wrong category.
P.S.:The norflet seems untextured(the normal non elemantal version).
And the butcher has an animation bug during its reload.

Try launching the game and using the in-game Downloadable Content menu to see what you currently have and what’s available to you. I had thought that the GOTY included both halves of UVHM though?

It tells me that there is no downloadeble content available.The goty edition doesn’t include the second upgarde pack only the first one.Thanks for the tip anyway.

Ah, I think I know what might be up: do you see an option to purchase Digistruct Peak in the store? (Before you go straight to the PS store, check that this isn’t a location in the fast travel menu in-game though!)

It worked until I got to the point of paying for it at wich point it disconects me from psn.I am starting to think the problem is from sony and not gearbox.

Yikes! @Jeffybug or @JoeKGBX, do either of you have any insight on this?

I’m curious about this part. You’re sure you haven’t acquired it at some point already? If that’s definitely not related to the issue, then we can troubleshoot the connection part a bit.

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I am certain I don’t already own it as I don’t like using psn store much and I haven’t used it since last year when I had similar experiance to this one(I also had someone in a random game drop me a legendary ninja com wich I can’t use because it requiers the second ultimate vault hunter upgrade pack).I only got into borderlands in the last 4 months so I am sure I don’t own it.
About that similar experiance it happened around june of last year during the sale of batman arkham asylum with the exact same effect at this time.I didn’t give it much attention at the time as I had a friend who had copy of the game that he sold me.

But just so I’m totally clear, you can’t fast travel to Digistruct Peak, correct?

No, I can’t fast travel to Digistruct Peak.

I don’t know which country you’re in but the UVHM 2 DLC is still available in the EU PS Store (the UK one at any rate) :slightly_smiling:!/en-gb/games/addons/ultimate-vault-hunter-upgrade-pack-2/cid=EP1001-BLES01684_00-BORDERLANDS2LOBL Also note that the in-game PS Store for BL2 still has issues, even after the 1.05 patch mostly fixed the “Unable to Enumerate Content” error :frowning:.

The PS3 PS Store is notoriously unstable and unreliable, which is why I almost exclusively use the Web Store since it’s way more stable and the search engine isn’t complete garbage. Anyway, here’s the DLC list for BL2 :slightly_smiling: :!/en-gb/games/borderlands-2/cid=EP1001-NPEB01144_00-BORDERLANDS2PSN1%3AADD-ONS

Also, the Norfleet only comes in Elemental varieties and doesn’t have a non-elemental version.