How can I launch campaign without use of launcher? (which *.big files to load; is it possible at all?)


What command line flags should I use to load campaign files, without using game launcher? (Is it possible at all?)

I have tried in one line

HomeworldRM.exe -mod HW1Campaign.big,EnglishHW1Campaign.big,EnglishSpeechHW1Campaign.big,MusicHW1Campaign.big,compatibility.big


HomeworldRM.exe -mod HW1Campaign.big,EnglishHW1Campaign.big,EnglishSpeechHW1Campaign.big,MusicHW1Campaign.big

without any luck =(

I’m using linux + wine64, [so it is not possible to install .Net framework 4.0, required for launcher].
Tutorial works without any problems.

Sorry for my bad english and thanks for help =)


I made a mistake.
If you use recent wine (tested on wine 1.7.37), 32bit wineprefix, remove mono from prefix as instructed here and install dotnet40 through winetricks, launcher will work without problems =)
But game still crashes right before first mission starts. =(


Homeworld 2 Remastered works perfectly.
But Homeworld 1 Remastered crash when first mission loading progress bar gets to 3/4 of total progress.

For Homeworld 1 campaign it is this:
-dlccampaign HW1Campaign.big -campaign HomeworldClassic -moviepath DataHW1Campaign

For Homeworld 2 campaign it is this:
-dlccampaign HW2Campaign.big -campaign Ascension -moviepath DataHW2Campaign


Thanks =))

Guys, please be careful - I can’t endorse running the game without the launcher right now because some packages (compatibility.big, etc) are changing often and really important. In a few weeks after we’ve (likely) patched a few times and things have settled - it may be safe. But in general Mod support and loading the proper elements for a specific build may depend day-to-day on the Launcher. So proceed with caution.

Does it mean that there are two mechanisms/ways to receive updates - through launcher (frequently, smaller) and steam (infrequiently, larger)?

Eh no, just Steam. But the launcher is it’s own executable - meaning we can change how the game ‘should’ start using it (as it does now, selecting the right settings for each game version/type). If you skip it and load direct, and we change how things should work - you may find yourself broken. The easy example is that neither of those examples listed the compat big - which is important (info about hardware and best/max settings, etc).

Missing that you may hit bugs or have issues and not know why. Running via launcher - probably no issue at all… I am just urging you (collectively) to use caution.

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Ok, thanks =) I will keep it in mind =)

In some special cases it is not possible to run a launcher executable (it requires working .Net framework 4.0, but it is not fully functional on wine on linux) =)

Looks like some launch paremeters/flags are still missing. Tutorial works, but not campaign. I thought that problem may be in cinematic before first mission, but use of the flag -nomovies changes nothing. =)

Last line in HwRM.log:

EngineTrailStatic::getTweaks requesing index(0) that doesn't exist.

Well looks like I made a mistake. If you use 32 bit wine prefix, remove mono from prefix as instructed here and install dotnet40 through winetricks, launcher will work without problems =)
But game crashes right before first mission starts. =(

Does anyone know the command line flags to launch multi-player?

This would be helpful! Or at least a checkbox in the mods menu