How can I platnum when every character slag glitches?

Like is says how can I platinum when every character I start slag glitches before I finish the third play though? This is extremely frustrating.

You mean slag glitch as in perma-slag? if that’s the case then restarting the game fix it, also it only happens if you enter a vehicle whilst slagged.

I mean it takes me back to zero and keeps building but never gets to level two again.

Or leave a vehicle before the slag effect has worn off.

My slag score is 1384689548 and should stay at 5000

You meant the “Slag-Licked” challenge (Deal bonus damage to Slagged enemies.)? if I’m not mistaken challenges can “reset” I suppose due to integer overflow.

You can still get the plat, just keep slagging and shooting preferably with a Bee shield paired with a Pimpernel, Sand Hawk, Unkempt Harold or a Norfleet paired with The Sham.

The number will eventually reset to zero and will unlock the challenge, when it has just do the other challenges you have left.

Thanks for the info guys

Do you happen to know the score number at which it does?

When it’s not negative in millions anymore, I’m not exactly sure but I assume it is when it reaches zero.