How can I play Battleborn on my Mac?

So I’ve recently been informed that Battleborn will not run on Mac. Is there any way at all I can play Battleborn and other Windows games on my Mac?

You could try linux, I know at least some PC games can be played on that, not sure if Battleborn specificly is linux compatible though.

Other than that I think you’d have to buy Windows/a PC.

Sorry, but I’m not spending my money on technology I don’t understand just so I can play more videogames.

wow…um…sorry dude, I’m not really sure why you’re directing this at me. But if that really makes you feel better great for you.

i dont think it was intentional. though i’m itching to make a mac comment, i’ll keep it to myself. also, linux is free. second also, the system requirements aren’t released yet, so your rig might not even handle it. Third, I haven’t seen any gearbox games that weren’t on pc/mac out the gate.

Modern Macs can dual-boot to Windows as long as they’re using an Intel CPU and not a Motorolla (CISC vs. RISC). Basically if you can run OS 10.x, you can run Windows as well.

I think I’ve heard of that, but I’m not a mac guy, so I figured it’d be better to let people who actually know answer about it, thanks for that though, its interesting to know.

I’m not a Mac guy either, but the new ones switched to an x86 CPU by Intel, so they’ll run Windows as well. I know the old ones used to use a Motorolla CPU, which is why they couldn’t run WIndows or Linux. But I’m sure BB will be released on the Mac when it comes out because there likely wouldn’t be much to do in regards to a port. Hell, even the consoles are jumping on the x86 train.

hmm, the more you know.

Even if it isn’t on Mac or Linux out of the gate, I expect it will be at some point. So, if “buying Windows just to play games” is out of the question I suggest waiting.

Another option is to use WINE. WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator) is well developed for various Linux distros. OS X is essentially a Linux distro (well, BRD, but close enough). Unfortunately though there is no free “download and install” version of WINE specifically for OS X right now, you’ll have to take a few steps to use it.

Another option is to buy the paid version of WINE, CrossOver:

CrossOver is described on the winehq website as a “more polished” version of WINE. You can buy it for as little as $40 depending on how long you want to have official support (email support with issues, and updates).

ETA - It would cost you $100 for a Windows 10 license (Home Edition) so not sure CrossOver makes sense in the big picture, but I thought I’d mention it.

I suggest checking YouTube for videos related to “installing WINE on a Mac” or “… on OS X” if you need more help (be sure to select videos less than a year old). Also, I’m sure there are various WINE related forums and Mac or OS X forums that could provide more information, should you need it.

I’ve used WINE on Ubuntu and it worked great, but I’ve never installed it on an Apple OS. If you are willing to do a little work getting it installed it would mean you could very likely run Battleborn as soon as it is available - but, as has been said, Gearbox has been good at supporting their games for OS X and Linux; I suspect the only reason they haven’t announced versions for these OSes is that they want to know they have enough time to develop them before they announce them. So, if it can’t be done before they want to launch the game, it will be done later. Just guessing of course, I don’t work for Gearbox and am not making any statements for them. :smile:

Hope that helps.

The best and easiest way is to install windows on your mac. I’ve tried just about ever other solution on the market (WINE etc.) and it all just seems to not give the best performance. As a former Mac Genius, my suggestion is to buy a Windows license (whichever one you want that is supported by the games but I would get 7 and upgrade to 10) and use the BOOTCAMP Assistant to install windows and you’ll be all set.

If you need help with bootcamp follow this video.

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Yeah, if you have a good enough rig and enough hard drive space, the best thing to do is go with bootcamp. it separates your hard drive so you have windows installed on part of your hard drive. emulators are almost always a bad idea when trying to play games. since it means running an operating system on top another operating system then playing a demanding game as well.

your best bet is bootcamp but that would mean purchasing windows to install it on a mac.

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You can open a new partition and install a Windows version of your choice, like 7 or 10. At least that’s what my friend did to put his Mac to use.

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