How can I re-set a DLC to do over again?

I finished Captain Scarlett in normal mode. I went back in True Vault Hunter mode and the quests dont load, no bad guys in Oasis… its like I’ve already completed it. The only quest that shows up is Magnys Lighthouse.

If I did, I certainly dont remember altho I have a lot of characters. If I did already complete it, is there anyway to re-set it all so that I can start the thing over from the beginning? I really want the SandHawk but I’m level 45 and the one I have is from earlier, its a level 32 gun.

Are you SURE you went to TVHM?

Only in UVHM or using a save editor. If you want to use the later, do a search on it because I won’t discuss how to do it here due to forum rules.

yes definitely, I just tried again. My character is level 46 so I probably already played it in TVHM.
The stalkers in Oasis are about level 41 or 42.

Is there anyway to re-set the entire story and start all over in TVHM?

No, you can only reset UVHM.

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You do realize I already answered this question?