How can i still not have a LCOM for zer0

So i have been farming ALOT and i still haven’t come across the LCOM for zer0. Now this is weird because i’m doing this solo, i have now have come across each other LCOM ×3 or more.
Help me.

Which legendary class mod for zero are you looking for? Most of my legendary hunter mods came from Pete the Invincible and the Marcus’ Mercernary Day dlc loot train. My legendary sniper, ninja and the killer mod came mostly from tubbies behind Ellie’s garage. And of course from the LLMs @ WEP. Good luck!

61 L hunter Mod

Are you on psn? I could give you one if you wish.

Argh no… xbl.

Keep raiding Pete and the tubbies behind Ellie’s garage. But if you’re after hunter, the easiest for me was when I finished the Mercenary Day dlc. Then just come back…kill Frosty and check the train. No more than 10 mins per run. Well depending on how fast you can kill Frosty. Rinse and repeat. The only opposition you get after completing the dlc is Frosty and a few snowmen so its one of the easiest way to farm the leg hunter class mod.

By framing tubbies behind ellies; do you mean the 4 man break or do they just spawn?.. and currently im farming LLM at WEP and i have killed over 600 and heaps of good loot but no mod.

I farm Ellie’s solo but mind you, you won’t get the hunter there. It’s all the other zero legendary but the hunter and the terra class mod. Make sure you’re online to take advantage of the hotfix from Gearbox for increased drops. That ends this Thurs I believe. Goodluck :slight_smile:

I’ve got more legendary Zero coms than any other- let me check and see if I have a L. Hunter at that level and if you want to trade will see if something can be worked out…

Carlton_slayer for sure i have alot of stuff a 61 and i have the time to get anything.

Except a hunter com, apparently :stuck_out_tongue:

Real… just gonna stab and open wound like that…