How can I tell the difficulty level?

This seems ridiculous, I know, but after completing the main story and a DLC with an alternative character, I must have accessed TVHM. When I reaccess him and specify normal mode, I still start in Windshear Thingy, and seem to be unable to go anywhere else via the station there but to a DLC start. So I went to Hammerlock’s Hunter’s Grotto, quit, and restarted. I want to be in normal mode because I wanted to see the HG anyhow, and get a Rough Rider there before going into TVHM.

I am not sure, however, if I am in normal mode. I was told that the areas of the DLC are 30 or 35 max. My character is 36, and everything I see here is leveled 36. I find it more challenging than I would have expected for an overleveled character. But I have no way of seeing, in game, if I am playing TVHM or NVHM – or is there?
thank you

You can choose your playthrough when you choose your character. As for HG, it levels up to 35, so that may be why you’re still being challenged in NVHM.

Hey, thanks – yes, I’m pretty sure I clicked on “normal”, and yet it sent me to the Windshear with an empty map, so it looked like TVHM where i haven’t done anything yet. Quitting and started new clicking “normal” did the same thing, so I went to the Grotto. Now seems to be “normal”.
But in the Grotto, the creatures are all level 36. Is that ok for level 35?

If you want to test the difficulty you are in, just go to windshear waste and look at enemies level. If it’s around 2-3, you’re in normal, if it’s closer to 30, you’re in TVHM.

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I believe so, most DLC’s start off around that I believe. Just make sure your Gear level is close to that and you should have no problem

Check the weapon/grenade/medical VMs – that’s a pretty good indicator:

  • NVHM = Lv37ish (max) and lower
  • TVHM = Lv50 (max) and lower
  • UVHM = Lv72 (max) and lower
  • OP = currently-running OP# and lower; lower OP levels will show Level-numbered gear as well as Overpower-numbered gear.

The same caps apply to enemies in NVHM/TVHM, but enemies in UVHM will scale above the strongest player.