How can one track which side / mini quests are still remaining in an area and where to start it?

Really love the side quests, they are usually chock full of humor. However I am not sure how to initiate all of them, some areas will say 6/8 quests done and I have no way that I currently know of (hence the post) to determine where to go to initiate these last two quests.

Any help and pointers please.

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Explore the map, areas in grey. When you get close-ish to a mission an icon should show up.

Some missions are only available in the sanctuary. Like when Hammerlock isn’t on eden-6 anymore and have missions for eden-6 you have to get it on the sanctuary directly from him.

For the rest you should discover all areas to find them. Not all missions are visible on a not explored map.

Check the map. It says compete.

If you have all the crew challenges done you merely need to see if there’s like 12 or more percent that means a story

Anything less than 5% is a red chest or a vehicle upgrade

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Thanks all for the information.

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