How can this be a loss?

Can someone PLEASE explain how did my friend’s team lost when sentry is tied 50 - 50 and their score is higher than their opponent’s.


Damn it i didn’t realize this was the support section. Can a mod please move this to the general discussion? or this should stay here?

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Any mods have any idea? Probably can check with tech team or something? There is no way this is a loss

i dont think assists count in the kdr so the 0/3 probably dragged the score down enough

Maybe their sentry got destroyed first.

But they still had 1 more kill and 1 less death. So even disregarding assists, they had technically a better score, more kill, less death, more minion kills. Only thing on THAT recap we can see is less Shards.
Anyway the label is “loss by average player score”. 117/5 is still more than 98/5. Meaning something somewhere is inacurrate.
I’d lean toward a label inaccuracy. Either since the goal scores were the same, as @trichouette said, the winner was the first to destroy the sentry, or the loser’s sentry was slightly damaged / slightly MORE damaged than the other…

Your team should have won. Better overall score. You should post the game’s ID number.

The only way they could have beaten you with this score is if miko, toby and caldarius left right before game ended. Then their average would be better than your friends.

Re-read under DEFEAT…average player score its not total score


I dont no how their average is higher…

I misread stats. Your friends team average is higher. No clue how the math is done in this one. My bad

Care to explain how you did the math on that?

Dood. AVERAGE. friend’s team’s average is definitely higher.

My friend’s team average: 117/5 = 23.4
Enemy team average: 98/5 = 19.6

it doesn’t make sense

They factor player lvl and disconnected players.

That is one MAJOR problem there…