How can this problem in solo queue be addressed?

I currently play on xb1, for what it is worth. I regularly play in full or close to full groups, but absolutely love solo/duo queue, in concept. Not sure if this is an issue on other formats, but on xb1, there is a huge occurrence of 4 to 5 man groups queueing together in solo queue. I have tested it out, it takes no more than 2 or 3 tries to easily get 4 into the same game really quickly.

Obviously this undermines the whole concept, but how can it be fixed? I do not propose to have an easy solution, other than making solo queue a permanent queue alongside a constant incursion and quick match queues. Because I do not think that is going to happen, what other way could it be addressed? Can it be solved? Easily one of the best queue ideas the game has ever had is being consistently compromised.

Could queueing ten players together and randomly mixing them up help? Probably not, because people would just leave and requeue til they got their friends. Your thoughts?


The answer is simple really.

When there’s only say, 7 people looking for an incursion game at any given time and 4 or 5 people all suddenly queue together, it makes it more likely that theyll be quickly teamed up in a few tries, than say…50 people looking for an incursion game at any given time and those same 4 or 5 people going into the queue.

Boost the population and the problem (outside of considerably repeating to cheese the system) is null.

Seriously speaking…50 isn’t a big number…and even then it would be solved.


I’ve seen it occasionally on PS4. Not often but more than once. The best way to fix it would be as you suggested, find 10 players and split them randomly. However the way matchmaking is coded in the game, the entire matchmaking system would have to be removed and built up again from nothing. This is very difficult to do and not likely to happen. Other than that the only solution would be a larger player base.


as much as I would hate it, perhaps making it straight solo queue would also dampen the result somewhat. At the very least, it would make the process extremely tedious for the people abusing it

Maybe a penalty for players if they are quitting matchmaking frequently? That’s all I can think of to punish those abusing it.


Yeah, and maybe add ONE peramiter to those MM. The total ELO on both teams should be after moving around very close (25-50 difference) Or maybe the avg. ELO is that close. either way, I wish MM was revamped since it is such an annoyance, and it tried to pair people up till equal teams achieved.

Parameter @ninjaneb01

Besides that I agree with you!


I think something which would help (though not fixing it) would be for the Incursion queue to remain. I know it’s not optimal to have 3 queues active, but those who do this seemingly do it because they want to play Incursion together. When Solo/Duo queue is active, you can’t do that unless you cheese the matchmaking like that.

I take it some still do it for sh*ts and giggles and/or trolling. Still, I think it’d help combat this problem, but still creating the problem of further dividing the players.

Solo queue has been a disaster. I would prefer that it never return.

Maybe CERTAIN PEOPLE should not return to IT since THEY never stick around for a game anyway.

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That is solid advice. Don’t even bother logging onto Battleborn on Wednesdays because it is going to be the most miserable matchmaking of the week. That’s not going to help much with the population levels, though.

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Yeah, I’ve ran into that same guy myself a few times recently.

It SURE IS annoying and pathetic!


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Perhaps he was spawn trapped by the douchebags on the other team.

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Really? Galilea, Rath, and Phoebe, waiting in the area just outside the spawn, does not constitute a spawn trap? Not once, not twice, not even three times, but four times in the first two minutes of the match, they surrounded that person just as he got out of the spawn and killed him, and that is not spawn trapping?

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That person, who hates so much about the game and the people they encounter, should just stop playing the game and quit wasting both their time and everybody else’s.



With attitudes like that, can there be any doubt as to why this game has a problem with player retention?

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Since you insist of making a personal attack out of this, I will say this: I tried exiting out of the spawn on both sides, but each time, the three of them surrounded me in the area where the fatbots can be bought and killed me. Being slowed, pulled, knocked up and surrounded by the whirling blades of those three as soon as I get out of the spawn does not make an even remotely enjoyable match. Then, after having spent the beginning of the match waiting to respawn again and again and having acquired no experience because I couldn’t even get to the action, I was badly out-leveled. When the other team is two levels or more above you, you don’t have a hope of doing anything but further feeding that level advantage, especially when you have absolutely no support from your team. How is that going to help anything? I could have kept going out there and dying and feeding your team’s levels, like the rest of my team was doing, but that would have been pointless. That was the choice that I had: go out and feed the opposition, or wait for the match to end and hope that it comes quickly. What is your preference? Would you want to be a man down, or would you rather have a hopeless feeder on your team?


No personal attack, I merely mentioned a situation I observed. Apologies if I assaulted anyone’s sensibilities


On topic, I was trying to state in my original post that I don’t think that the solo queue works as intended. I have played in it every week since it was introduced, and my experience is that it has been even more cutthroat than the regular incursion or quick match queues. If the intention of the queue was to give solo players a break from the hardcore competitiveness of premades in the incursion queue, then it has failed. I would rather have the regular quick match and incursion queues.

I’m actually going to take a break from the game. I think I have had enough for now. Until they do something about gear and a few characters, I will be going back to ESO for a few months, at the very least. With the new expansion coming out, this game no longer offers me the fun pvp it once did. I know that there is a somewhat sizable group that agrees with me on xb1 that is being held together essentially by the social aspect alone, at this point. I have made some great friends through this game that I will play other games with for sure, but this one is going to be a no go for a while.

please fix your game. Look at the leagues, look at what they are doing. Pay attention to the rules in place there. The playerbase isn’t big enough to force people to only play the game on a level playing field in private matches. It isn’t too late.