How can we help this game get into the competitive scene

I’m a very big fan of this game, and while I understand there is still work to be done on the dev side, I’m wondering what we as the community can be doing to get this game onto the competitive scene. I would love to hop into some ladders on gamebattles and see more tournaments and even watch competitive on twitch, but I am just hard pressed to find such things. So I’m starting this thread to see about what more I can do and what more we can do together to accomplish this goal. Again the purpose of this is not to discuss the problems preventing this from happening as I’ve seen plenty of those threads. I want ideas for action.


Round Robin league today starting at 6pm central. 4 or 5 teams are in so far. I will be streaming it and so will a couple other people who are participating in it.

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Get the word about this game out there. Hardly anyone really knows this game exists and those that have had experience with it have really (in my experience) only heard about the massive amount of discontent in the community since release. I think focusing on the good points of the game and actually giving it some halfway decent marketing will do wonders to bring a competitive league to reality.
…also, ■■■■ micro-transactions… sorry about the language.

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Wish I could participate, but it will be partly done by the time I’m available. I’ll certainly do some view though

I agree, and everyone I’ve shown this game to has loved it. So far I’ve gotten 4 friends to buy it. Possibly giving occasional shout outs on social media would help as well.

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I am always looking to get 5v5’s on XB1. Half the time I can only get 7 or 8 people. Usually play in the evening US central time. If anyone interested in doing 5v5’s just drop me your GT and I will add/msg.

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What is your twitch name? I’ve been trying to pull up streams at work to support

On XB1 i’m Pewptrain. I’ve got two brothers who play as well (one is really good and the other is meh) So I can potentially pull one more pretty good player with me.

Ok nice. Will add when I get home.

Just throwing this in again to get this back on topic. So again, any more ideas for action we as a community can take to accomplish the goal listed above.

Just get competitive games going and stream them. Outside of actually putting together tourneys I think that’s the best we can do.

Where can I find tourneys (I know one was mentioned above) and how would I start some of my own.

I honestly don’t know where you would find Xb1 tourneys. There doesn’t seem to be many. And I guess the best way to start a tourney would be to post on the forums. It would honestly take a lot of work I think. You’d have to make the rules, get teams to sign up and then pray most of them actually show up.

Edi: I think a thread gaging interest would be the first step. Make a thread to see how many would be interested.

I will go live in about 30 minutes or so. Getting some things set up on my end. As well, Rockjaw on Battlefly has Xbox 1, PS4 and PC tournament sign ups open. Just follow the link and click on Rockjaw to see the entire list of tournament/leagues he has.

The main way I can see us helping is through content creation. We generate videos and our own tournaments.

Be the change you want to see in the world right?

Well I want Battleborn to have full league and here is my simple plan.

Build your communities on ps4 and promote them. Make content that you like to create and show people how much fun the game is to watch.

If we get enough communities working together than gearbox may get behind us.

Even if we make a weekly or monthly forum only Tournament. If we are consistent it will happen.

There are enough great artist and players here to do something special.

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Ummm get more players?

Do you have a better suggestion of how we can help with getting more players involved?

You are interested in a competitive scene right?

Yeah, I want competitive play but not if it means I’m going to be known as the best from a pool of 500 players. Pretty dismal accomplishment.

Good stuff takes time. We can cry about it or we can try to make something fun.

Man you guys are good at only seeing the downside.

I would love to have a ps4 group for pvp and pve because damn most of the players are bad :sob:

But tbh just start streaming with premade groups or make a tournament and het the word out

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