How can we tell if we are patched?

I hope this isn’t a duplicate of an existing thread - How can we tell if we have the current and appropriate patches/micro patches applied?

All I’ve seen is “hang out in the menu” and that doesn’t really inform you if you are or are not patched.

Also, how can we tell if an event is currently live/active or not?

Currently only actual updates are indicated by a change in version number (XBox should now be 1.0.5 or - I forget how may zeroes!)

GBX are apparently looking into an indicator for hotfix installed, but no other information on that right now.

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Thank you for the reply!

I’m just having to make the assumption the new event (show me the Eridium) is currently active for me as rare spawns are not spawning (on demand so to speak) and I have seen two Eridium drop from things I fought. Yes, two, two Eridium!

Previously I think I’ve got most eridium from the various piles that grow around the place. A super badass tier enemy has had a good chance to drop 1, maybe 2 eridium from what I’ve seen, which would be consistent with BL2. So if you’re getting eridium from lower tier enemies (eg badass) I’d assume the event micropatch/hotfix is in effect.

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To see if the previous event was active I went to Pandora and headed for Demoskaggon, they weren’t there. Two of the bandits on the structure where you can find the Holy Dump Truck dropped Eridium. I’m going to make a possibly wrong assumption and say the event has changed based on this experience.

As an observation for Gearbox, it is not good user experience (UX) or user interface (UI) design to make changes and not show anything to reflect changes. Otherwise changes are often unnoticed. It’s also not a very effective way to “promote” something, making it easy to never know whatever you want people to experience even exists at all.

These are the kind of mistakes that garnered students in my Design 105.4 class failing grades. (In short, it’s an embarrassing rookie mistake.)