How can Zane fair against bosses with the “Drone and Clone” build?

I know he’s not as powerful as Fl4k or Moze, but with a Drone and Clone focused build and the right gear, can Zane perform well against bosses at higher difficulties?

Clone drone Zane is best build, period. Don’t put a single point in shield. Not 1. Very high dps, but not the heartiest so it’s mostly good for people like me whose gunplay style is best described as aggro spammer. I never stand still and I never stop shooting. For this kind of player, Zane is a monster. When spec’ed right and with the right timing, you will be alone on the field less than 10% of the time. Defensively and durability are sacrificed for high dps.

No matter what you do your clone or drone do less than 10% of your own damage. The whole point of even using action skills is to buff your own damage.

All you really need no matter what build is a Cutsman SMG + crit damage class mod + as many points as possible in “playing dirty” and you’re going to kill every boss in seconds.

If you’re in Arena don’t even bother using 2 action skills it’s trash. Get 5~ points in “pockets full of grenades” and a +5 nades mod and just spam nades all day just like moze.

Get a Torque Lasersplodder and the drone clone build is best especially if the double barrel perk is active cause the clone can help wail on bosses or annointed.