How come my profile pic was changed from Dr Zed to Scooter?

And is it permanent? Because if so I’m gonna change my quote from “I’m not a real doctor” to “Hey y’all!”

I don’t know. There was a site-wide update the other day, and a few things are different. I know there had been a problem with some of the auto-assigned avatars. You should be able to change it yourself through your profile settings - click on your avatar icon in the top-right and select the gear wheel icon. If you have any problems, let me know.

Moving to Gearbox Talk since this isn’'t game-related.

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Mine has changed from Hello Claptrap to Statue Claptrap :confused: the hello was better.

Check out if the other one is still available in the system.

I have 3 options, system avatar which is first letter of the nick. use gravatar, and upload my own. Don’t see any other profile pics, but OK on phone right now. Will check later on PC.

I’m guessing the update changed the set of default system assigned avatars (because a whole bunch of them were broken image links.) I had a quick peak myself and it looks like you can’t select from a gallery even on desktop, which is a little disappointing.

The only thing I can suggest is seeing if you can find a suitable version to upload for yourself. The image needs to be 200x200 px.

In any case, you could always upload your own doctor ned.