How comes the Simple/Fun/Not Combat orientated Sidequests don't show up if your OP count is High?

Don’t get me wrong, challenge is nice and fun… but somtimes I wish Nova would tell me to look for that hidden Loot Chache, or to vandalise Rendains Statues… that little stuff which isn’t don’t get hit/die Kill X Enemies with Y in Z Seconds…

The Difficulty can Vary SOOOO much with these… while Type 1 Sidequest are doable with any character.


Seems like they want to give a bit of loot to the beginning players.
On the Toby dlc you can get access to chests that don’t show at higher OPs but you don’t get the higher OPs chests at the end, so it does balance.

It’s true for the First 2 Ops… the Third one is it’s own little thing.

Well, it’s been a while I got the “Punch the Button” challenge… so it is one of the simplest… but there are no sidequests that make you look for additional loot.

How many Chests you get in Mikes Battleschool is dependant if you can clear the Side quests and if you died during one of the rounds…

If you clear the second round without dying and with both Quests that nets 5 chests. If you die Once, the room that has normally 3 will only have 2, so I guess if you frequently die you can get yourself down to 1 chest per room.

But if you’re good at it… up to 12 Chests if you clear the level without dying and 90 Ops… thats pretty good.

At First I didn’t like that stage, but after getting better… it might become my Favorite.

Even though I’d Love to Punch that nasty button again… but not in exchange for the chance on a commander Loot Pack :smile:

…Hehe :slight_smile:

Yup, I’ve done the Mike dlc 68 times now and it is getting easier but some of the challenges are still bugged.
When the barrels count they will kill you if an NPC makes them explode. But you can burst them with zero dmg.
The Boom bots challenge begins many times with only boom bots and the first two will explode before the minions spawn.
Melle challenge when the room is full of Thrall is pretty whack. :wink:


Are you sure the amount of chests in the side rooms is tied to dying?

What I’ve noticed is that I get all 5 chests if I collect the available loot chest ops points BEFORE the 2nd wave finishes, that way when the doors open I have 88 points. If I wait to grab them until right before teleporting back to the top room and finish the wave with only 86 or 87 points, that’s when I only get 4 chests.

Edit: after considering my reasoning now I’m unsure, mostly because I can’t remember how many chests were in those rooms when I did my first 10 runs. Looking forward to getting home tonight and testing it out

This is the way it’s always been. Thinking about it, I’m not certain what it uses to decide who gets the damage: first hit, most damage to barrel, or last hit. I’ll test it later when I get home, but I’ve been blown up by barrels triggered by enemies since way before this op.

I’m sure it’s connected to dying, since whenever I get spammed to death e.g. by the Twin Bots I get 2 chests per room.

If I clear both quests without dying I get 3 and 2 chests, I always start looking after I suceeded both quests so I’m sure it is not connected to collecting the OPs from the Chests.

I have yet to get killed more than once, but I guess the game at least gives you one chest per Room, even if you die 4 Times…

In that case, that’s good to know. I guess I made that connection in my head after noticing 4 chests with 87 points and 5 chests with 88 points and assumed that must have been the link, not even thinking about whether I had died or not. Good incentive not to die at all then, that way you can start round 3 at level 10.

Actually, I just got home and tested it. I died twice during the 2nd round, but finished it so that I had 88 points when the 2 rooms opened up, and there were 5 chests. I really do think its linked to whether or not you collected the points before the round end or not.

You have to collect the points in the chests before the game generates the contents of those 2 rooms. That’s how it decides how many chests to put. It’s too late by the time the doors to the room open.

Now that I’ve done the Mike dlc at 100 OPs with each character I’m going back and having fun at zero OPs.
To my surprise if you do the challenges they are much easier and you still get the loot chests.
As Reyna I killed the twins and got both loot rooms. Zero OPs.
Of course at the end you only get one big chest instead of 3.

OK… in that case I make sure to Nab these two Chest to get to Lvl 10 before round 3.

Good this has been tested by now.

My theory may be busted after all. I just completed a run where I didn’t die and I also collected every point from the chests before the 2nd round finished and I only got 4 chests.

So I have no idea at this point.

After another 15 or 20 runs, now I’m not sure again. I think you may be right. Or both of us are right and you have to meet both conditions. Actually I just have no idea. It seems random.