How could Moze take advantage of this shield?

Found this just now, the boost to shield seems good for the Shield of Retribution tree, though I’m more interested in the Annointed effect. I already primarily use Iron Bear as a “panic button”, so giving it a savage double nova would make it feel a little more like a useful tool than a cowardly fallback device haha

Is there any way to make it trigger often? Maybe increase the radius and damage to instantly clear areas?

Currently using a Big Boom Blaster shield, and the instant shield regens from that are hard to step away from in MM2/3. The constant 20% damage boost aint bad either.

Oh yeah, it gives me like 27k shield and drops my HP to 1. There are effects that take advantage of low health, right?

(Oh yeah, Desperate Measures)

Trying something along the lines of jumping into iron bear then suicide rushing the nearest clump of enemies and ejecting, this would hopefully end IB early refunding you a bit of cooldown. However I can’t imagine that it would be a net gain to your dps as the animations alone would be too slow for this style to be fluid.

When considering the nova from the perspective that it’s just a bonus and you’re really after the shield things become more interesting. The Front Loader has the same effect as Thin Red Line and Deathless artifacts. If you combine all of them you will get 1hp, but 220% of your max health added as shields. Combining this with a Bloodletter Class mod with bonuses to Thin Red Line and you can get a shield capacity near 60K.

The meta build is to add Vampyr and a Hex/Stormfront to this combination for a crazily tanky build.

Desperate measures becomes an always on bonus if you have 1hp which really helps your damage.

Have you tested the nova in M3? I’d be curious see how much work it does against the larger health pools. I’ve been thinking about trying to grind an anointed Frozen Heart because that thing’s Cryo nova does some serious damage.

On MM2 the shield alone is enough to keep me alive (can’t be as reckless as without the Boom Blaster though), but I’ll keep an eye out for the artifacts.

Speaking of frozen things, I just found a TORGUE alien icy flamethrower, it basically shoots soft serve ice cream with increasing damage the longer the trigger is held. Definitely thinking of an Ice Cream Lady build haha

For the Nova, maybe add Auto Bear in the mix.

For the shield effect, Bloodletter COM with +3 Desperate Measures for max damage and shield capacity. Vampyr just makes you unkillable with a tick style grenade.

You will never see Fleet in action thou.

SoR Bloodletter build with +3 Desparate Measures/+2 Thin Red Line, plus Deathless Artifact, plus that Shield plus Phalanx stacks= massive amounts of shields and constant 100% gun damage bonus. Just have to be wary of shield bypassing enemies as there’s no health gating with that set up.