How could Rhys think Katagawa was Zer0?

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

I gotta ask-because Katagawa’s Zer0 suit is yellow, wouldn’t Rhys say something like, “what’s with the new paint job?”


Apparently he wasn’t observant enough to catch the extra digit on each hand, either.


All skinny dudes in spandex assassin wear all look the same to Rhys. Change my mind.


I mean “oh, Zer0 is now a Maliwan stooge wearing maliwan colors. How dare you, I thought we were br0s man”

Missed opportunity there

Because Rhys is really dumbed down on 3 :frowning:

Honestly when I saw the trailer, I thought Maliwan had found a way to control Zer0 and that we would have to save him - maybe that technology would have something to do with Tyreen. I liked the mystery around Zer0 - is he machine or another kind of creature…not so mysterious now. Just some dude without pinky fingers.

I’m more curious as to how Katagawa got the technology.

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Yeah - no mention of the capabilities of Rhys’ replacement bionic eyeball he hacked together himself. Surely there must be some kind of scanning capabilities built in to that?


Crappy writing. Duh.

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Heaps of people are saying this :S. I really want to get my hands on Tales, but no one wants to sell me a copy!! Legit PC versions are a bloody unicorn.

Tales is very much focused on story but the characters are all just so likeable and different. Vaughn in Tales is VERY different than the one on 3.

I highly recommend it though I’m on PS4 so I’m not sure how it works on pc. But I don’t think I’ve met anyone who said they didn’t like Tales.


Because huffing moustache styling products has left him permanently light headed.

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ive looked everywhere for a PC copy. It is listed on steam but you can’t actually buy it. If anyone knows where I can get a copy please let me know!

It couldn’t be because he was being chased by someone in a similar styled suit of a guy that is a well-versed killer? Also there were lots of people in the Echo saying that Zer0 had turned while being killed.

I would think that if someone was running at you with a sword, you might not have the consciousness to use your scanner eye to see if it was your friend or an imposter.

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The studio that made it went bust, and it got removed from sale. You may still be able to get it on console if you have one?

I mean cmon, you can see in all the dialogue that rhys isn’t very clever at all…

because rhys isn’t exactly the smartest dude on the shelf, he’s actually a bit of an idiot.

I was thinking about looking for an XB1 (my console currently gathers dust haha) copy as a last resort. I had a feeling that is why it disappeared from the market, it’s just a shame that this is the case :frowning:. Guess I’ll try and hunt down something pre-owned.


Well… he did manage to give Atlas a complete 180 turning it from ZERO to HERO so there is that? I mean it takes a little bit of smarts to run a business, even more-so to resurrect a failing one :wink:

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LMAO a company no one wanted and was broke. it’s really not that hard to go from there.

Uhhh… it’s harder. lol A company with a tarnished name is worse than a brand new one. It is hard to brush off preconceptions. If the company is also broke/in debt that is going to be harder to turn around than a new business simply starting at 0. Everyone will have their hands out for the money you owe them.
I am not going to convince you otherwise anyway I guess. Enjoy your day :+1: