How could this build happen?

I don’t know about you guys, but until today, I’ve never actually seen a bad build before. I’ve seen builds that didn’t synergize well, but nothing that was actually bad. Until today that is.

I won’t post the video I found this build in. 1) Because its old and 2) I feel like it might be kind of douchey to do so. I just really need to know if anybody has actually seen players with builds like these, because I honestly didn’t think something like this could exist.

Especially @Derch, since he’s the one making the build guide. I’m genuinely curious if he’s actually seen someone playing a build like this…

With a Fridgia, Coach Gun, and Iron, Cathartic Oz kit, and Black hole

I don’t mean to come off like a jerk (though I can see how it sounds like that). I just can’t understand the thought process behind this. Its honestly boggling my mind how this build could be a thing.

BTW, If this in some way breaches the forum rules, feel free to lock it.

It dosnt breach any rules. But i will move it to Jacks sub-category.

Ok, thank you

I can’t speak for the play style of this particular build but the Blackhole (as with a lot of others shields) is quite good on Jack because his Digijack can use them too and you can trigger the Blackhole nova + pull by simply spawning new Jacks. It is goofy enough so you can run circles around the Holodome hole and pull all enemies to their death.

It is hard to make Jack bad and with the softer scaling on TPS, you can get away with a lot of random builds.

I know the black hole was a good choice of shield. What I was looking at was the skills.

They used a VIP class mod boosting bolster and TTF, yet they had 4 points in Opitimism to kill their Jacks faster. I don’t think you could have a more anti-synergistic build in Borderlands.

Even a melee Zero with Grim wouldn’t be quite as bad as this, since the Hide of Terra had such a fast recharge delay that you had to constantly strip shields anyway, and the cooldown could help him get in deception faster.

A VIP com gives Jack no damage on card or skills, assuming that the buffed pets will provide that. Yet, this build includes a skill which kills said pets faster, for no benefit (because no leadership). It uses a coach gun as its main weapon, yet takes none of the skills to negate those weaknesses. So the only source of heavy damage in the build (the Jacks) are gimped, and Jack himself is gimped.

I get wacky, off-beat builds exist, but this ignores the most basic dichotomy of Jack, whether to buff the Jacks or kill them. This build does both terribly. And I honestly wonder what the thought process was behind it. How could someone reason to make a build that contradicts itself so much?

It’s kinda douchy to bash people that don’t know the meta, that’s the kinda thing that makes us elitists that turn away new people from our awesome little community.

It’s not that bad, its decently close to how I would go about a good pet Jack if it had proper COM support. Yes the points in Collaboration and Integrity aren’t the best choices for this kind of build, but I can see the thought process behind it. I definitely wouldn’t say he’s gone full pants though not in the slightest.

I can see how it could sound dpuchey, though I’ve honestly tried very hard to avoid that.

I get not knowing the meta, but I think there are some basic synergies that you should be aware of to make a good build. The synergy between bolster, TTF, and PtR is obvious. They had the COM boosting it, so I imagine they knew of it. So why then turn around and kill those pets you’ve sacrificed 20 skill points to make stronger?

If the community is going to make a guide on how to create good builds, isn’t it necessary to see builds that aren’t that good, and understand the thought process behind them as well?

Yes he made two less than optimal choices, no need to bash him or say the build is flat out bad. Its a decent build with 2 not that great choices, but I mean literally his choices at this point were very limited, with his only non-synergetic choice being Winning/Accountability.

I said the build was bad, I didn’t say anything about the person who made it.

And all I’m saying is that if the community is going to try to establish what goes into a good build, there should be some example of a less than stellar build. And this is definitely a build that does not synergize. Its only a skill or two, but those skills matter a lot.

I used to run a pet build with my buds back in the day for my badass Jack build before moving on to my Greater Good Build. I didn’t put points into Free Enterprise so I missed out on some of the infinite ammo abuse.

If you don’t mind my asking, which weapons were you using? I’ve found that no infinite ammo isn’t as much of a deal breaker so long as I’m not using Jakobs or Vladof .

Anything with a small ammo pool is worth using infinite ammo…? Snipers, Shotguns, etc.

Also anything that consumes 2+ ammo per shot, because your Pistol/Whatever Ammo supply is increasingly less impressive when you half or third or quarter the ammo supply.

True, but I don’t spec into free enterprise at all for my pet build now, so I just stick with lasers are the occaisonal pistol or SMG. I don’t use small ammo pool or super fast firing weapons without AA.