How Did Gearbox manage to F up this game so bad after having over 6yrs to make it

Constant Crashes
Stuck Enemies
Non Stop Hackers
Horrid Story and Characters
Cheap Console Port
Horrid Latency in CoOp
NO Grind for any of the legendaries, They dropped like candy
NO match browser for online.

Just sad and pathetic what they produced, This game needed a story rework and a year of technical testing.

Dude I would not want to be gearbox right now. I will agree that there seems to be some disharmony with the way they are nerfing and buffing instead of patching issues but honestly, they have ALWAYS DONE RIGHT BY US. If a patch is outstanding, it must be a complex issue.

Also, remember that quality of life and big fixes are two completely different things. Even then, they listen to the people buying the games, educating the next generation of gamers, etc. and more often than not find good solutions.

As is stuff like whether or not the story is horrible… a fairer question on that would be “how did Gbx work for 6 years on a story that I personally didn’t like?”. Which is a shame but could well have been the case if they thought it up in 5 seconds.

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That is s much more fruitful point of debate. Not me for me though. I liked tiny tuna dragonkeep better than most of the bl2 story. Hated everything about Tps.

All your other points are spot on, but this game is locally stored so hackers are going to happen just like they did in BL1 and BL2.

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First of all, they did not spend 6 years on it. 5 years since BLTPS came out. thats when you can assume production first started. Edit, actually it started 4 years ago.

HOWEVER, Battleborn came out in 2016. that means a large portion of their workers were working on a different project. after it came out, a large amount of workers went from Battleborn to BL3. But a significant portion stayed to balance the game, and create new content (If they had abandoned the game, they would have scammed a lot of people).

We can assume the last people moved over in 2017 or so. So production was not at full speed until 2017~.

Second point, they changed engines.
The new unreal engine was designed for full power, omega graphics, and it did not care for performance. So, unlike in BL2, they could not just grab the models from BL1 and improve the graphics, they had to create entirely new models for characters and guns. Plus, since it is a brand new engine, they can’t just look up “what is causing this problem”. It’s like us and finding the new guns. if we want to find out where things are, or what they do, you have to find it yourself. And, they switched engines after a year of development.

And the last point, they changed the story late in production
They have stated that Handsome Jack was going to come back in this game, but they changed their mind, because they didn’t want Borderlands to just be “Jack”. Yeah, we love him, but if they went with jack for the 4th time (BL2 and BLTPS, plus Tales), It would just be reusing him. So they changed the story pretty late.