How Did I Miss This Until Now?!?



Special modes are back, baby!


It was in their stream. It was the point where everybody was hyped to hear about supercharged, and they smacked us in the face with this instead


i actually like These goofy modes. Nice change of pace

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Are these special modes actually going to do anything?

This looks exactly like that Thanksgiving event, but somehow less exciting.


Supercharge is still dropping this Thursday, though, right?

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I have thoroughly and greatly enjoyed every single special mode / event thus far.

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If there is one thing in my own personal opinion this game does NOT need…does NOT need…it is diluting the game modes population sizes further with added game modes.

Unless they want to purge some of the lesser enjoyed ones.

To me this is no-brainer logic.

EDIT - I welcome supercharge but they should really consider culling some of the excessive queues somehow.

The “fun” ones? Ugh

I’ve been seriously worried that the queue changes they were referring to in the last battleplan is just the inclusion of these two gimmick queues.

I really hope I’m wrong and they do something to address the current state of matchmaking.

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I’ll be sitting both of these events out, as i don’t want to play as Benedict, Ghalt, Montana or Boldur. Shayne & Aurox may be my fifth main, but i don’t wanna play JUST them, especially against Ghalt, Montana amd Boldur…


I must respectfully disagree, in the strongest possible terms.

For us hardcore PVP addicts who play for hours every single day,anything new is exciting.

Special modes relieve tension, allow fun, a chance of pace, let players blow off some steam, etc.

If you don’t care enough about the game to take full advantage of the “undilutedl” queues for the, like, 340 to 350 days a year they are available, I really don’t see how having “diluted” queues for a few days here and there to make any sort of difference.


And this is why I long ago mastered every single character while you have mastered maybe a 5th of the roster!


No, it’s because you don’t have a job, haha. Which is also why i have vastly more time on the forums in the last year.

Oh, and the fact that 50% of the roster doesn’t appeal to me, of course.


My school keeps me pretty busy!

And besides, even if you were completely unemployed, I have a feeling you’d still have the same number of characters mastered.

Just a sh*t-ton more TOBY matches…

That is true; i just added that to my last post. Still, what does having more characters mastered even signify? Not that one is better at the game, or even with said characters.

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OCD completionism and a false sense of accomplishment!

Also, I am the Master of Battleborn, space, and time!

Those few days are peak time entire weekends and this is the time when we are trying to show others that our queue times are as smooth and silky as possible.

Our biggest weakness right now that we are trying to combat is the spread-out nature of an already thin population. The last thing we should be doing is worsening it on peak stretches of days in a time frame where new comers are debating whether to sink time into a game that they already likely know has match making issues.


Nevermind S&A have the worst pull (It can be destroyed), so thats gonna be awesome!

But seriously, make aurox during fetch invincible. Plz Gearbox.



Sadly, we are going to have to agree to disagree on this subject, my friend!

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