How did this get past testing

on echelon you can shoot at the sentry and take it down without even having to go into the area from the front steps. how did no one at gearbox fix or realize this?

Surprisingly, this a mostly recent complaint. It will likely be fixed in the patch following the upcoming one.

The sentries on Echelon always have been in unfortunate spots. Second sentry is so easy to hit as marquis.

recent, really? thats very surprising

Not many complaints as Echelon is not all that popular. And it’s not like a Marquis is not that difficult to chase off of the stairs. Any pressure with even Ambra can push him away if you stay away from his bubble.

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its not only marquis that can do that the whole enemy team did it

An entire ranged team is interesting, but probably easily countered. Still, not many posts are concerned with this. And who knows? It may be purposeful.