How did we win this game?

So this game just happened. We won, apparently due to having first blood. My question is, why did we win? We were behind in score 100-99, behind in kills and had more deaths. My understanding is the first tie breaker is “average player score”, which I have lost and won by in many instances. I have never seen a game won due to achieving first blood until now.

My guess would be that the average player score rounded to be the same thing, so it called it as a tie. I guess the next tie breaker would be first blood.

my god, look at that isic’s gamertag hahahaha

They should have really just done whoever has the highest score wins in case of a tie…it would’ve been less confusing sometimes

That’s how I feel. I don’t care how I do win or lose, but I want to know WHY I won or lost, and understand the win condition(s).

Better yet, look at that Whiskey Foxtrot’s gamertag.

wow, i missed that one. surprised that one is allowed to remain

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You guys have something against Pink Porsches? :frowning:

He meant the other teams Whiskey Foxtrot named Butter Tits

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LOL ManBearPig, there’s a ManBearPig on PS4 as well. I’m super serial!

Seriously though, WTF!? They had a higher score AND more kills (In beta ties were decided by average score, for some reason I’ve had ties post-beta decided by kills npt average score). I’ve never seen or heard of this, we need an explanation from the devs how ties are decided, why there seem to be multiple win conditions, and which ones prioritise under what conditions.

I wonder if this is a bug. Another possibility is that maybe someone was hacking/cheating. If neither of these is true then it is a bit puzzling. Makes you wonder how the mechanics of it all works.

Yknow, I too wanna know how does one win the game when it’s a tie in score, kills and sentry hp and how does the timer run out after the 10 secs countdown.

In my game where we lost our first sentry just 7 mins into the game. They had 10+ kills while we had none. Team tried to surrender but I was sick of losing streak. 20 min into the game, we finally broke their first sentry with less than 3 mins left, we were down on average score, kills.

And here comes the main point, the countdown timer was at 10 seconds where I rush to kill an out of position enemy Thorn, and I immediately moved on to Montana with less than 2 seconds left. I think the timer ran out and I killed Montana (I COULDN’T TELL IT WAS BEFORE OR AFTER THE TIMER). So I thought we lost the game, but victory showed up in my screen LOL.

Let say I killed Montana after the countdown, shouldn’t it not count towards to average score? But then even when the timer stops, you still have that 1-2 seconds where you can still attack. Oh well call me #TryHard

Your win makes sense, your team had more “Score” by one point.

I agree. But I swear I killed Montana after the timer countdown…maybe it’s like 0.5 seconds apart.

A weighted average with the levels and scores puts both teams at 29.6 exactly.

I believe there is much more to it and I would direct you to this example and my comments on it for more details, but I do believe level matters.