How did you come up with your forum name?

For me I was trying to think of a Borderlands 2 pun and was currently using a KerBlaster.

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TL;DR ice cream


That gun is awesome, i understand why you would use that.

For me, some years ago i started to call myself fluffy in another forum, but then it felt too common so i changed it to fluffx.

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Google Translate: Horse Cockk (darn filter)
Now I’m here


Mine is the username of a fictitious alien from a book a friend wrote (never published… some college project).

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My favourite food is smoked eel and my favourite number is 37.

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Mine is a combonation of my name, gender and associated pronoun, plus an underscore.

They are called Cyclones in Australia (or Willy Willy’s if they are small, but no one wants an Ice Cream called that)

We don’t talk about those “Twisters”… or that lion thing
The og

No, I know what you’re thinking and I say no

But the picture you posted looks identical to a Cyclone ice cream.

I meant more the fact that you’re not allowed to refer to me as Cyclone because of the diffrent name in aussie…

Shut up, Cyclone


God dammit

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I thought you meant there was two types of Ice Cream, and the one I posted (the Twister one) was not the same as the one you meant.

It’s Twister ice cream but not the Twister ice cream.

I was used to eat that crap when I was younger. Year 1998…

And I particularly liked the Calippos, thinking now of that gives me nauseas.

Kitty was a childhood nickname. Had a hoodie that had cat ears on the hood and paw prints on the sleeves.
Jo is taken from my real name.

Thus, Kitty Jo.



Wont stick to it for long anymore.


its just my gamertag, really. used it for everything. my profile pic is my favorite animal, the blobfish.

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it’s my xbox game tag


Yeah, the Red and Yellow ones are delicous, the lemon onces were disgusting and I dont think there are any other permenant flavours, just occasional varients to tie-in with special events (EG a Green and Yellow one for Olympics to support Australia colours).

Speaking of delicous ice creams, it still amazes me that no-one, not even the most immature of people make fun of these, they will ask the cashier with a perfectly straight face and not even blink an eye, yet make gay jokes about everything else. Truly a wonder of science.