How did you like the playable character's personalities/stories?

This is just a question I kinda wouldn’t mind hearing others opinions on :slight_smile: How did you enjoy the playable characters’s personalities while playing them? How did you enjoy hearing there brief little story through echo logs? And lastly would you have enjoyed to hear more of their back stories or what their going through?

It’s kinda weird but I would have enjoyed hearing more on Axton’s story. He still keeps his wedding rings around his neck so he still loves that woman that broke up with him, I wanna hear more of that! I actually would love to have BL2 characters as just NPC’s in the next game Whenever that maybe… just cause I wanna see how BL2 characters act lol. This is from my view but we know so little about the BL2 characters (the obviously most popular ones outta their game series) it’s just such a treat whenever they get speaking lines in- (Pre-Sequal DLC’s/Tiny Tina DLC/Tales from the Borderlands)

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The only time I don’t like how my character acts is when

  1. Sal starts rampaging and just screams random crap
  2. Gaige anytime she screams

There’s a tiny snippet more in the final Headhunter pack (#5) for each character - you just have to play through the side quest as that character to get the dialogue. For Axton specifically, I seem to recall him and Roland being connected in one of the BL comics? It’s probably mentioned in the wiki entry…

I enjoy playing Gaige as hell, she is my favorite character EVAAAAH!

I like nonsense stuff so Gaige is the perfect choise for me because she says a lot of it. An example would be: while you are on the map “NEXT STOP… sssssomeplace!” or when you gain a lot of anarchy stacks and you hit someone (it’s hard lol) she say something like “Oh I got one! I’m serious!”. Sometimes when you entre a match she say her typical quote “I say Mechro YOU say mancer! …silence… You guys ssuck!”

I have listened to her echos on youtube (for like 30 times or even more) aaaand yes, I would like to know more about her. Also her father sounds like Handsome Jack lol (same voice actor, I guess)

In BL2 Krieg is my absolute favorite as far as personality goes. His dialogue has made me laugh out loud many times.

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I think the writers have an exceptional talent for suggestiveness in their character development - I want to know more about the lives of all of them!!

I think Krieg is my favourite personality cause he’s so energetic and insane. I also really like his two personalities at odds with each other, so he’s both hilarious and tragic.

I agree that Axton is good too. He’s kind of the obviously masculine soldier (swoons slightly) but in reality got rejected and now just has his turret!

I wish Wilhelm had been developed a bit more though.

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coughs slightly Uh, yeah…masculine. If you say so… :dukewhistle:


We are NOT taking Duke Nukem as our standards of masculinity. Also even mentioning that game in a Borderlands thread is a disservice and should be forbidden :stuck_out_tongue:

A bit more than his lines and the echoes in TPS? I don’t know - I think they tell you pretty much everything you need to know about Willhelm: He’s a highly successful mercenary who likes steak and robots, he’s good at fights, and his goal in life is to become a robot.

Heh, fair point. I actually find him quite intriguing, though I know I’m missing the point a bit by hoping for complexity, inner demons etc. I’m probably the equivalent of that exasperated interviewer

Wilhelm is indeed awesome.

Also from the perspective of playing, I think Wilhelm’s a much more fun shooting-based class than either Roland or Axton (who, despite the appeal of classically good looks, I’ve never found particularly interesting in combat).

While I like Roland and Axton, Wilhelm is easily my favorite out of the three.

This doesn’t actually take away from his masculinity, but Axton is bisexual. It started as a programming error, as some of Axton’s call outs when reviving a player were supposed to be gender specific. He was supposed to flirt with female characters while reviving them, but they would trigger for male characters as well. After that, they decided to make it canon and included more lines that hint at his bisexuality in a more obvious way in the DLCs.

After playing bl2 I’m convinced all the characters are either bi or like the same sex

Sir Hammerlock = gay
Mr. Torgue = bi
Moxxi = bi
Axton = bi

As far as confirmed sexual orientation goes, I think that’s it for Borderlands 2. Scooter is definitely straight. Does Tannis flirt with the female playable characters as well? I never played Maya or Gaige, so I don’t know. If she does, I guess you can add her to the list as well. But yeah, while I don’t think every character in the game is either bi or gay, widespread sexual flexibility is definitely a part of the Pandoran mythology in BL2.

I have to ask where in the game does me torgue come off as being bi? Also they live on pandora they either have moxxi of whoever they can find. They have to be pretty flexible in there orientation.

Lol, I think being revived is such a suggestive position innuendo is kind of a given (I especially like Krieg growling “love youuuu”…)

I remember it’s strongly hinted in the Holodome that Axton and Gaige date but Axton does also spend his time flinging an oversized phallus around the battlefield…

I really like the idea that Krieg and Maya could have a relationship too.

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I try not to think to much about let’s say if maya like guys or women I’d rather just play the game lol.

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I need to play the Holodome again if that’s true lol. Those are my two favorite characters and I wanna see for myself if that “Hint” is true <3 If it is…then that’s so cute!

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