How Different Can the Outcomes Be?

Just finished first play through of ep.1 on Saturday. I’m curious about how much the story can vary depending on choices and success/failure at various points. For example, close to the end when Felix and Fiona are in the caravan, I missed grabbing the suitcase before Felix got it - is that something that you can succeed at, and does it alter the ending at all? What about whether you warn Felix about the bomb or not?

regardless of choices, some things stay the same, ie the main story points. But its not the main story points, its how you, as your character, REACTS to things when your in the moment, choosing. Don’t ruin the immersion trying to figure what you could’ve done. felix dies regardless.

Thanks. I found the timers on the dialogue choices rather short on several occasions, so at some point I’ll do another play through now I have a better idea what’s going on. Really enjoyed the story, despite some frustrations with the controls!

Incidentally, any value in signing up for a TTG account? I’m loathe to create yet another profile if there’s no real benefit in it.

pretty sure you have to to use the game.

Works fine on 360 without it (so far, anyway).

Also, did ep.2 tonight, and I am part of the 10% that left Vaughan hanging because I was so immersed in the story it took me a moment to realise I needed to do something, and then the stupid 360 stick controls didn’t respond fast enough. Grrrrr!

im on pc and you have to have an account to download new episodes, see your results later on, etc.

Um Felix doesn’t die if you tell him it’s a bomb. He gets away throwing the suitcase Soo things can potentially change drastically based on your choices, depending on later content.

At this point, that hasn’t dramatically changed the story arc, even if it did change some of the dialogue and character attitudes. Likewise, I’m sure AI Jack ends up in the Hyperion computer system whatever Rhys chooses, but that would affect relationships and reputation. So, basically, like the Fallout 3 karma system.

sort of. the bomb goes off regardless. if you tell him its a bomb, he runs away, maybe still dying. and yes, there’s no way to stop jack from getting in the system. difference is free will. one you rule together, the other he takes control of you completely.

I mean there’s no maybe Marcus explicitly says you chose not to kill him or something along those lines at the beginning of the next episode and all the other dialogue indicates he gets away, I’m sure it will culminate in ep 5 but to exactly what effect I’m not sure

Talking of which, has there been any word on when Ep. 5 will drop? I’m starting to wish I’d waited until the whole thing was available before starting it, as the suspense is… suspenseful!

well ep 4 kinda snuck up on me so Im assuming it ay be mostly done already.