How do Diamond Loot Chest Edition players pre-load?

A question that I hope someone from the dev team can answer…

If we are getting our PC copy of the game as a Diamond Loot Chest Edition that still needs to be physically picked up in store, is it possible to pre-load the game?

I saw another thread about this somewhere recently, I don’t think so unfortunately.

The code is in the box.

Sad Panda. :frowning:

Yeah no big deal I mean I did pay 300$ and was told I can preload but whatever

I actually never had the assumption that physical copies will get a code to pre load. Dont know where that comes from. You get the disc, then you can install

I’m just gonna buy the base game on epic then when I have it downloaded in refunding it

Clever. But you have to uninstall it before using your 2k key, no?

Not that I know of

I thought it automatically deletes it from your library. But i dont know.

If it’s like steam then no.