How do exactly do Grenades work in terms of changing their stats (fuse time etc.)

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Since there is no real grenade components guide for BL2 is there a list somewhere that shows the best possible stats that can spawn for each grenade type or even the legendary grenades? Would be interestin gto know when im farming if I found a “good one” or not.


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You might be interested in this


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Max stats list incoming…

D’oh!!! Ninja’d by the incredible @nat_zero_six. :smile:

That’s a slippery weasel right there friend. I prioritize by delivery, followed by fuse time. Longbow, lobbed, rubberized, homing (all depending on application I want to use it for). Fuse time as close to zero as possible, but I’ve taken longer fuse times for a preferred delivery.



Grenades - other than Fastballs - are primarily for utility : crowd control with singularities, slagging, healing. So damage is the least important trait.

Storm Fronts are another damage-oriented grenade but I think all of us can agree that so long as it’s fuse time is low and it’s longbow or lobbed, that’s good enough. The TMNRats are one of the most irritating farms out there.

Your title indicates a more general question about stats, so other than colour and type the various randomly (and independently) generated stats are :

  • Delivery method (lobbed, rubberized, etc.)
  • Trigger (fuse time) - there are 6 variables from 0 to 3+ seconds.
  • Element type - within each element there are 4 variables that affect total damage.
  • Damage - there are two or more variables depending on quality (green, blue, purple, etc).
  • Blast radius - again, two or three variables.
  • Status damage (DoTs) - four variables.

It’s not at all easy to determine how good any particular grenade is damage-wise. The best opportunity I’ve had is farming Chain Lightnings.


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I saw the maxed stats list for grenade mods earlier. However I have a question… is that just for legendaries or do those stats like fuse time with the delivery method apply to the regular versions as well. Thanks


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Indeed you are right it is tough to pin down what is “good” since everyone has different priorities. I just basically meant a list of the the range of stats they can spawn so we can all make our own determinations. The maxed stats list looks like its only covering legendaries… unless it applies to regular grenades as well

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So from what I gather the fuse time is completely random and there is no other factor for the same exact grenade in getting a different Fuse time other than pure RNG?


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There is also child grenade count, damage radius, damage over time, sticky or not, regeneration for some of them…

Do you have a grenade and/or use case in mind?



Correct : all of the traits I listed are random and independent from one another.

Rubberized will reduce the fuse time. Yay! (no is your answer though)

Right - forgot those. Child count is random ; Regen rate is fixed though.

I did list those.


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I just looked at the grenade list, and it appears to only cover legendary/unique mods. I think what I was getting at is that it’s kind of personally based as to what a “good one” is. Most folks don’t like rubberized, but I’ll make it work if everything else is right. I farm for Rolling Thunders, and I’ve used rubberized Storm Fronts to pretty good effect. What rubberized does is change how I use them, although the only rubberized I’ve done ok with other than the ones I’ve mentioned are transfusions. And I like homing AOE, bonus for sticky, for one on ones with biggies like D’s mom.

TLDR; Depends on how you use them and what you want them for, but the weight of the criteria is subjective in my opinion.

Oh God yes. When I strap in for the Storm Front farm I cry inside just a bit. That’s why I got ok with rubberized, actually. I got fed up and settled.


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Great post. Thanks for clearing up a ton of confusion I had about the stats of normal grenades.


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I might actually just look at the legendary grenade list and see if that applies to regular grenades anyway. For example, look up legendary MIRV grenades and see if that has the same or similar stats to when I come across regular MIRV grenades of any rarity


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You will definitely not see the same numbers on the more common Torgue nades compared to the Bonus Package or Rolling Thunder. At least not damage numbers. You may/will see similar fuse times though, so at least there’s that.



Just for poops I used GearCalc to compare a max-stats Bonus Package to a purple MIRV.




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That is strange GearCalc wasn’t working earlier thanks for showing me that again!

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