How do her co-op skills interact with Wolf and Digi-Jacks?

I’m wondering if they are considered as a part of your servant and thus work with her skills that require them.

Do they get extra shield from Contractual Obligations or Protect Your Assets?
Do their kills add a stack to Valet or trigger Keep Your Chin Up?
Does their damage trigger Excellent Shot, Madam?

The extra shield sounds hard to test but the other two don’t really. unfortuantely I dont have an extra controller so i cant test myself.

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Interesting question. Never thought about that.

This is just me talking out of my arse so might be wrong:

I’d imagine Valet and Keep your chin up do trigger. The pets trigger your own kill skills, right? I’ve no reason to suspect they wouldn’t trigger Valet and KYCU.

I don’t think it affects Wolfs shield.
In Jacks case do the clones get a copy of his own shield? If so then it might affect them but like you said hard to tell.
I don’t think the pets trigger Excellent shot. It needs to be a bullet from their own gun.
While we are at it I’m 99 % sure that the pets getting meleed won’t trigger Save the queen and Backhand doesn’t affect pets movement speed. Only your servant.

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Only if you take the skill for it

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@khimerakiller @Derch @DemoniteBL

I haven’t tested any of this, but I’d say no.

IIRC, Jack’s don’t get healed by Athena’s Vanguard skill or any of Clpatrap’s heals. They can get transfusion trails but no skill based healing works besides TTF. So I doubt other character’s skills would work on them at all, even if they modify your stats.

They do count towards Valet. I remember my pet specced Jack racking up Valet very quickly while playing with Aurelia.

I don’ think they count towards excellent shot madam. I can’t remember Keep your Chin up either, but I’m leaning towards yes.

Again, I haven’t played in years or tested any of this, so take it with a grain of salt. This is just based off what I remember.


I’m not the guy to ask for any coop related questions, but thanks for the ping. Hopefully the other 2 know.


thanks everyone! i must not have settings for email turned on anymore so I just thought to check the forums. this sounds like something you’d need tools not allowed to be discussed around here to get exact answers regarding health and shield amounts of digijacks/wolf so I guess that’ll have to be a ~mystery~ for now.