How do I activate claptraps dlc?

Like the title says. I bought the Handsome Collection for the PS4 and it said it’s available on the launch so how do I get to it?

You should be able to find a location called “Deck 13.5” on your Fast Travel list. That’s the DLC.

The only thing I can get to is the Holodome. No Deck 13.5.

Do I have to play as Claptrap first?

Any character should be able to access it. It might only be accessible after a certain point in the story, I’m not quite sure. Was there a redeem code that came with the HC? I don’t know if it’s Claptrap DLC was on disc.

Deck 13 1/2 should be a fast travel location automatically

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should be available straight away as deck 13 and a half or something it’s a marker on the hyperion space station on the map if you’re looking for it that way

This, shows up on all of my toons travel stations, make sure you have it all downloaded comes in 2 downloads