How do i add enemies to Maps?

Is it possible to edit the main game maps? like new haven and stuff, also, how do i add enemies to maps I wanna make the main game have more enemy spawns but I don’t know how to do it or if it’s even possible
any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Its generally dis-advised to edit the vanilla game. Always try to make new stuff. However if you are looking to increase the difficulty of the vanilla game why not download the Borderlands Scaling Project by “xwmstormx?”

I believe FantasticBlackBoy has got it in his overall BL UDK projects “super-pack.”

(Mapslot 1 + 3)

Thanks!, I didn’t know about that map before, but hopefully its good, also, yes I would like to make new stuff but I barely have any time because I have school and when I’m at home I have to do chores and stuff a lot, and if I did have some time, I still wouldn’t know how to make a map.
I am really lazy, and the tutorials I read were confusing and I forgot it really quickly as I have disabilities so it makes it hard to concentrate on such things, but I will go and check out any of your tutorials, and Sleep masters. just gotta keep re-watching them so I remember!

Thanks for the help.

Correction its not a map. Its the vanilla game, but scaled in difficulty… Like hard… He basically did it for you what I believe you wanted to undertake.

Yeah, its really good, been playing it for like 13 hours now, its pretty much what i wanted, thanks for telling me about it!