How do I Boldur?

Gear, stats, early game, late game, all of that. I keep wanting to make this guy badass but never really feel badass. Do I need a Miko? I’ve had some success with high DR. Is DR better than REGEN? What’s the best sustain? How do I just his skills after I unlock my Ult?

Mainly I wanna know about gear and positioning. Most everyone else makes sense relative to their HP and skills, but Boldur… I dunno. It might be his power curve, but I always feel out of place and lime I’m retreating rather than raging like a DnD Barbarian Dwarf.

Also, helix options. This confounds me. I have the pinball and DR at 5 mutations thus far. All advice is welcome. Bear!

I haven’t played boldur as much but I’ve had success with him. The couple tips I have are your sheild should be almost always up. You have no normal sheild as an eldrid so it is better just to block all the damage from the initial engagement rather than let them get a few shots on you first then you will be on the defensive. When you get the helix that makes it so you can move at full speed while shielding you can always soak damage. Second, Ina fight sheild is up until you can stun them. You should be moving to set up your stun while keeping them on your sheild side. Your axe throw is for finishing running enemies not for early harass. After you stun them beat them up and almost anyone will die if you do damage and then axe throw them to death if they run.

The thing that makes boldur amazing is his runes. They will stay up until you use the spells that burn them. So, general rotation is use your runes should always be up, sheild till you are in position, stun, beat them with the runed axe, finish with exploding axe, then use runes again (because your axe respawns in your hand on rune cast) and start soaking damage. Always remember that your runed sheild heals you for damage dealt, and that it is always better to retreat with your sheild up and backing up than to turn and sprint away. After 5 you should be unkillable.

Most important helix choices:
Over sheild on dash, rage on dash, movement speed with sheild up, and any Heath regen boost you can get.


Tuba’s pretty much covered it.

What I’ll add is that I find Boldur to be a Reactive Defender.
You will spend a long time with your shield up taking stray shots as you move around at the front line watching the enemy.

The moment anyone goes for your team, you protect your team.
The moment anyone goes out of position, you single them out and beat them up.
If you go out of position, hold your shield up and back away.

Lots of patience; no fear.
You need to know when to guard and when to fight, and commit 100% to whatever you’re doing.


I like that, lots of patience no fear.

theres a healix that makes enemies hit by your axe take 15% increased damage when you have your ult up with a benedict, you ult then throw axe on a group then benedict/thorne/marquise ult any of them, you can pretty much 1 shot them

Except it doesnt work, i think its a bug. The bleed and slow helix’s apply but not that vulnerability, you can tell because there is no rune/blue icons depicting the debuff.
Deft Defender is nice but stunning blows is what makes punching viable. Its damage is low and hitbox is microscopic but landing one punch slows them enough to continue them, and since you move FASTER and they’re SLOWER, they cannot get you off them. Good for bogging down an enemy for an ally to finish. DR is generally best, even without a healer. In PvE i take regen, if no healer. In Capture maps i take speed on rage though.

Also I have played boldur a lot have at rank 10 he can be a good support tank but you can also be a good offensive attacker. Usually a lot of players when facing boldur feel the constant need to fight him examples of this are aggressive characters like rath, Galilea, Atikus, some ranged attackers like thorn,marquis etc. Basically other players feel the need to take him out since his shield blocks a ton of dmg, when they aggress on you with your shield up position yourself to hit them into a wall and then make them regret ■■■■■■■ with you. Usually when I knock them into a wall and the stun goes into affect in throw my axe first since I don’t invest I into the first helix that returns your axe to your hand, I prefer the overshield. Personally I build boldur with an attack dmg gear with a attack speed increase when I melee an enemy, for the other gears i normally run for health and dmg reduction.

I’ve been maining Boldur since the CTT and I can tell you it is hell trying to learn him (Een more hell then as he was slower and slighty more squishy, runes alternated between sword and shield, and getting health was horrid). I can help you with all the knowledge I’ve know and what’s worked for me. So far my best has been 25-0 with him but I have had a few 21-1, 19-0, and 18-1 games with him. I’ll start with I feel are the best helix choices for him in PvP

Lv1 - Overshield on Boldur Dash
Lv2 - Rage on Boldur Dash
Lvl3 - Being able to dash with your shield
Lv4 - 4 Slow on Axe Toss
Lv5 - Damage reduction mutation on rage (Or if you don’t have that health on rage)
Lvl6 - Damage increased to opponent on axe toss mutation (If you don’t have that then get axe toss damage %15)
Lvl7 - Boldur Dash Cooldown
Lv8 - Melee attack damage
Lv9 - Killing minions or players gives you hp (5 stacks total)
Lv 10 Axe Mastery if you have a miko or root tea legendary, Axe Rune mutation for everything else (gives you 50% health or 100% health based on the runes you already have active when you use runes of power)

Now the idea of boldur is obviously to tank, he is withouth a doubt the best character to hold a lane in the game, even better than broken gallelea. He is also there to get your attackers or support out of pinches until you both can make a retreat. Getting his first levels can be tough and more than likely you will be playing defense and support damage with him until reaching level 3, then things kick up a bit. Clearing Bots, Boldur Dashing oppoents into envirounment walls for stun, and Supporting an attacker by flanking players will me primary jobs. Other jobs around that level are to make sure your attackers have a way out if they go deep, never chase behind an attaker unless their low on life or you know you guys have a way out. If you feel you don’t, Hold position just incase someone tries to flank you and try and boldur dash them out the way if your attacker comes back. By level 5 you are a full on power house and can change the direction of the battle tremendously. When reaching level 5 you can do everything any other melee can do, Harrass, support, straight damage, but he also has the tank ability on top of it. Level 5 Boldur is a force and the last 5 levels will seem like a breeze after the first 5.

When engaged with an opponent NEVEL LOSE YOUR AXE! Your damage output will be extremely greater when your axe is in hand so never lose it The only time you should be using axe throw is when your opponent is garunteed to die from it and they are out of striking range You should always have your Axe throw as ready as possible .

When engaged in a 2v1 ONLY play defense and look for a way out pre lv5. Sneak them in by slowing bringing them towards a turret (With your shield active of course) or another player for the 2v2, or try and escapse completely.

If you are overwhelmed and getting flanked your best option is to boldurdash towards and egress (way out) throw your axe away from you, and run with the 30% dash buff. Teleport to town or use whatever ways you have to get health, and try again.

The equipment you need with Boldur is ATTACK SPEED, ATTACK SPEED, amd ATTACK SPEED. Anything that gives you attack speed (minus the attack speed legendary which doubles if your stationary) is highly recommened and probably the best deal to have with him. Having a low activation for your first attackspeed item (450 shards or less) is highly recommended and will get you killing things alot faster to get the slow early levels out the way.

Hopes this helps


Beause I like sharing this video lol. Here’s a video of me using those tactics in action. The stuff I used in a video is a result of all the stuff I mentioned in the previous post


Ya know, you can blame my CoD background for this, but I feel like there should be an assist reward for tanking damage and the person attacking you dies. Or if it is just minions, then some amount of exp alloted. It just feels like I soak up nearly (and sometimes literally) endless damage and everyone around me just levels up. And I hate slotting building gear just so I can level more quickly

Thank you for all the advice. It really helps. Unlike innumerable Miko’s that go 7-1 with 25k HP healed total, 18 to themselves. Ugh. I’ll stick to stacking attack speed and trying to hold the line.

So I should always have my axe, eh? Is it wise to try and clear minions with it? The explosion + slow seems really strong against them.

How do I reliably have rage? Boulderdash uses my rune charge which really helps with sustain. Would more attack speed just help out with that? With 3 pieces, I can currently get +18% on hit, and about 23% on a kill.

Axe toss with runes clears minions super fast, but seeing as you have to get rid of two of your cool downs (one for axe toss, one for runes of power if you have it ready again) it’s not recommended unless it’s a last ditch effort and you have to stop the minions (Sentry on it’s last leg for incursion, the opponent is a few points away from victory etc). Usually what smarter players will do in a 1v1 situation is attack boldur after a mob clear as they feel that’s when he takes the most damage, and if two of your cool downs are already gone your options are very limited. You standard attack should be fine as long as you stand in front of them, he has probably the widest horizontal swing in the game that isn’t full AoE. I usually take out a smaller bot first to get the rage then I start swinging around the bigger bots.

Many people don’t realize but rage can come from just about anything and usually will be on in fights. If your turret helps with assist, you take out an enemy’s buildables, or even breaking down large groups of clusters give you rage so it should be up often through the match.

True that having shield rune makes you stay alive along time but the idea is to put your opponent back and on the retreat as long times of stalemate can lead to 2v1’s or bots coming in to assist the opponent. Approach your opponent and try to force them into close quarters or cut off their egress by slowing positioning yourself around them to where their back is towards your base. This usually forces your opponent to try and engage while backing up or try to circle you back to their egress. When this comes is the best time to try and get a boldurdash stun lined up. The idea is to line your boldurdash ahead of where you oppoent may be running to get the clean hit when they are trying to circle around you. Once their health is low enough they will either rethreat or stay in the fray. On your opponents retreat is the best time to axe toss. In the video I posted the clips from 2:41-3:20 is a visual of it (me trying to cut off my opponents escape, looking for ways to line up a stun boldur dash, and finishing them with Axe Toss one their health is low enough)

18% attackspeed on melee hit is more than great as long as you have a base attack speed item taht’s pretty low. Boldur doesn’t want to approach another player until he can get at least 8% attack speed bonus rather it be from getting rage at level 2 or from items I run 20% attack speed on melee hit (10% bass attack speed, 400 sharders, skill damage with 5% melee speed on hit, and crit damage with 5% on melee hit) 13-15% extra attack speed is the ideal amount you want, and once raged and runes of power activated you really start seeing the damage flying. Attack damage on top of 15% attack speed works really nice too and at level 10 can with the build i provided have boldur hitting for up 320 a swing and crits 400+ (based on hp). I usually don’t go for this on blind matches though, as you want to swing as often as possible on characters like melka, thorn, and benedict as they can egress pretty quickly.

Just be sure though, if you are to run items with attack speed and low shard cost that the reductions don’t effect your healther or regeneration. One of mine have lowered recoil and the otehr has reduced shield cost, neither of which effect boldur, which makes me be able to activate all three for about 1,300 shards

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Increased attack speed (Got a normal piece of gear with 9.20, damage gloves and crit goggle with 4.99 and 5.69 speeed on hit) and started saving my axe for killing people running and only dashing for control and stun. Works wonders. If there is a Miko, the line is ours!!

Except when there is a Galilea. This stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid character. If she has a Miko, I’m done. No matter what. Only with ganking and hoping she doesn’t have her stupid Ult ready, and her Miko is far off can my team get her. It’s so frustrating holding two waves of minions and a Battleborn or 2 (Level 10 with a solid Miko) then she just shows up, stuns and melts.

That friggin stun. Seriously, what do I even do? The guy’s name is BOLDUR. He’s a dwarf. He kind of wants to be rooted to the ground like the stump on his back. Some engagements I’m hit with it twice (Over 50% DR lol), then I die. She makes me wanna quit melee period.

That nonsense aside, I’m doing much better and having fun. Attack speed, bro. Thanks all. And f*** that shield toss.

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You should counter Galilea nicely. If you both have miko’s its tricky, but you gotta try to stun them into eachother and wail on them both. If you initiate with a runic axe toss it should blast gali’s shields and eat some HP so she loses her blast, it’ll slow her and miko so they’re easier to dash. Dont think silence stops rage, that would be ludicrous

More like I get silenced when I finally line up the dash, and wounded, and pulled in, and etc… So should I axe toss and punch away, stacking slow (Choosing slow over faster shield move, which really helps with pushing)? Since if I can, I try to always have runes up.

I know rage stays, it’s just rough since I know if I don’t get a fast kill a stun is coming, and maybe I won’t die (If raging I likely won’t) but damn if I don’t eat some damage. It usually is a stalemate. I’ve chased enough Galileas off to know Boldur is top tank, despite her being her.

I’ll keep up with him tho. I love dwarves. I love axes. I love speaking in 3rd person. Boldur and bears!

But I may just Benedict here and there for a break from melee and Galilea.

Yeah you cant dash into the silence, its stupid that it stops the skill dead in its tracks, like it cancels momentum. But thats being fixed. With rage you should be able to DPS miko down before she can kill you. Dwarves are ftw <3

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No, just use the helix for slow on axe throw to slow them, not slow on unarmed hit. And that is only advisable with team mates ready to burst them down, otherwise it’s safer and better to not engage till they get ballsy and jump on you. That is always the way to play against gali and it seems like you aren’t. Make her come to you then stun her, don’t try and engage her if she is just chilling with miko. Every gali chases past the accelarator so stun her there and punish her otherwise just do your best to keep minions pushed and keep yourself healthy waiting for the engage. ranged does counters gali, so bait her to them. You will have to rely on your ranged dps though so they need to be solid but that is the nature of boldur anyways, support tank

As a Boulder wannabe. I’m gonna bookmark this. Maybe one day I can effectively bring a axe to a gun fight like shotgun did. That vid was amazing.

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Honestly i use Boldur for a soft counter to Gali and imo the only char that can go pound for pound with her. She overall does more damage but with resistance abd health boldur just out lives her in thr fight if hes running attack speed.

The main key to taking out gali is positioning. Stay out of her desecrate and dance around her to put her back against the wall. Since she has such a wide hurt box i find her one of the easier characters to boldur dash for the stun. No matter who stuns each othet boldur will have the health lead due to rage on strike and just his beefyness. If you arr level 5 and she stuns first you can get a few health points back eith runes.

Also gali is one of the few characterd you can throw the axe with a bit early and still get a kill as she had no meand of real escape except her ult. Runes axe tosd AoE and also go behind her shield if you throw it at or slightly behinf her feet. She will be forced to rely on her shield at the end and seeing as boldur gets the speed bonud for losing his axe he can dance arounf the shield for the KO. If you have the slow helix on axe toss it is MUCH MUCH easier.

How do you feel about health REGEN stacking? It’s a tough choice to make, but I feel like every bit helps, ya know? It with gear can get really high. Or better yet, does healing received count for the rune Ekkuni Great shield? Is DR just better or is REGEN?

Also, a blue shield for Boldur. I have a free cost piece of gear that gives 135 shield but -20% reload (lol). I’m considering getting rid of the crit piece (+4.99% attack speed on hit) for something else, and I’m considering shield, health REGEN, DR or cooldown.

Btw, my Attack speed gear is 9.20 and sub 400 shards.

I find health regeneration to not be so ggood over just overall damage reduction and health, unless it’s the viridian tea legendary. If i have a miko i don’t use it at all or i self heal at level 10 (I almost always have runes in my axe) If you shield majority of the time i could see where it could work better but honestly i dont think boldur should be played by being behind hid shield to much