How do I Boldur?

Yeah. You’re not wrong. I think I might test out healing received in place of the crit gear with +5 percent attack speed. As far as I know, healing received gear should boost the rune shields effectiveness. I figure that boost will be enough to help sustain me in situations where I need to block (Every little bit counts). That or cooldown gear. Have a piece that’s 6% reduction with an additional 3.5% when everything is on cooldown, which Boldur is more than most of the cast.

I tried him for a few missions last night. Went over pretty well for the most part. One thing I couldn’t deteermine is it is better to time his melee strikes or just hold down the button. I didn’t feel like I could get consistent combos with his strikes.

Always just hold the auto attack. That’s always the best option for maximum speed. Only time you shouldn’t is if you aren’t close enough and stop and move in for better positioning.

Only characters that really benefit from not just holding auto attack when on the offensive are typically characters with guns.

Wish his combo was better, 5 swings and the last one is like 5% stronger but hits even LESS targets as its just a down-ward strike. :frowning:

I’d just like every attack to cleave the same as his widest axe swing.

Dwarf. Axe. Rage. Cleave. Playing Boldur makes me want for DnD again. A cleave happy dwarf, mowing down little enemies left and right.

That aside. That’s for the advice guys. Been doing much better. If anyone else has anything to add, please do. Hope this topic helps all the aspiring dwarf lovers out there.

What I still don not get is how the Runes work? I have read a lot about them and checked a video, but it’s not clear to me. I have played Boldur 10 times now and really suck with him. A few questions:

  • How are Runes activated (is it just pressing triangle from level 5 and up)?
  • What exactly does it do?
  • How long does it work?
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Shield peeking is the best DPS you can get on him.
His first swing is super fast.

Swing, tap shield to reset the melee animation, swing again.

He’ll swing much faster than his regular combo.

Well, at least until they patch it at some point…

Is that like reload/cancel from fps games?


Edit - reworded as its runes, not rune.

You get runes at level 5.

Activate with triangle (on ps4) this then applies 2 runes to your axe, you can see them floating around its head.

Each rune gives you a buff, 1 is increased damage by 18% and the other lets you regain 50% of damage blocked as health when you use your shield (literally makes you invincible) These runes will last forever if you want them to.


If you use either of your other skills, the corresponding rune will be consumed, but your skill will have additional effects.

Boulderdash - consumes the health regain buff rune - targets take extra 25% damage + 12 damage per second. I am not sure but I think this effect will last until the target dies, not sure if it stacks! So good for long fights.

Axe toss - consumes the damage buff rune - axe explodes on impact dealing 300 damage to small area. This is good for groups of low level critters or perfect for throwing into ISICs stupid fat face!

I personally try to keep the runes up all the time, as soon as it cools down I usually toss my axe (hehe), then do boulderdash to give me overshield, and then hit triangle again and get my runes back up, then rinse and repeat.

That’s what I do, I only play PVE and have soloed all the missions with Boldur and it worked for me. However, someone was kindly telling me I am doing Boldur wrong the other day, so maybe different tactics for PVP…I dunno and tbh don’t care how he is optimised in PVP but am sure someone will give you advice on it, in one way or another.

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For pvp the rotation is slightly different but the idea was the same. Block with runes up, when rune cooldown is up stun an enemy with boldur dash, the beat on them. If they try and run finish with axe throw, then use runes again and get your sheild back up.

This seems really good on stationary targets as opposed to the full combo. Might get hard to aim on moving targets

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That’s pretty much how I see it. I use it after stuns, when fighting minions, and on slow or slowed targets… keep the full combo while spinning and chasing :wink:

I know people who are so conditioned for it that they can do it non-stop but I just switch to holding the button when things get chaotic.

So i tested it some and found out it is indeed faster than having attack speed @ 13% or below so any additional it is slower. It is extremely useful for stationary targets, bots, and mid speed chars. I didn’t test to see if It’s faster if you could cancel out the fifth swing yet or not but so far it is faster before any attack speed gear post 13%~. Aiming with it isn’t as hard as i thought as i played CoD and its like ADS with a stock on a semi automatic. It’s reall good for Boldurs running health builds or health regeneration builds that dont wanna sacrifice attack speed. Down sides to it are you lose the broad swings from the third and fourth hit and the high vertical from 5th hit, but early game it is amazing for all builds