How do I bring a thread

( The Dogs Bollocks) #1

To here from the old forum?

Do I just make the title a link to the old thread?

(you can change the song, hun 🌻) #2

Lots of work, crying and alcohol.

Theres a reason I havent ported anything.

(Watcher on the wall) #3

Copy/pasting is the most common way.
You could also link the old thread as well.

( The Dogs Bollocks) #4

I’ll try but I don’t think I can do it on my phone.

(Watcher on the wall) #5

Hm phone issue, eh. Well, you could just link the thread in the mean time and copy/paste it all over when you are able to.
What thread is this about?

Actually, I could paste it for you. Not sure what I was thinking (or wasnt thinking) but if you make the thread here, ill copy/ paste the body text myself that way you are still the OP.

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Cheers Kitty
It’s the Pre sequel trailer thread. It’s getting views so thought it may be of use here.

Here’s the new thread I started here and the link to the old one.


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I just earned a badge too lol

(Watcher on the wall) #8

Ok. It took a bit, but I got the videos over. Everything was borked in the process since [youtube] and [url] tags dont work here so I had to fix it all.
In that process, The link for each video for mobile users was lost. If I wasnt working on it via tablet, I would have copy/pasted them all back.
But the meat of the thread is all there now.

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Thanks I appreciate it

IMG tags work though. :slight_smile:

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Is anyone bringing over any of the BL1 threads?

( The Dogs Bollocks) #11

I mean there’s so much there to just archive it, how can we let these disappear forever?

(band) #12

And this. Is the reason I hate showing up late to the party.

I’ve missed so much…
regretful blub

( The Dogs Bollocks) #13

Can this be brought over, it may be of use.

Resized Wallpapers for use as Sig’s

( The Dogs Bollocks) #14

And this one please.

Is there a thread somewhere where we can post links to threads we’d like brought over?

(Influencer Guy) #15

As far as I’m aware, people are just individually bringing over what they want on their own. It’s kind of an “every thread/man for himself” situation. Someone feel free to correct me though if I’m off.

( The Dogs Bollocks) #16

Really don’t want to sound off as I do hold you guys in high regard.
Saying that though there’s so much good info and community created threads in the Borderlands forum that should (imo) be bought ovet.
I would do it but if my phone has the capabilities to do it I unfortunately dont lol.
I was going to start a thread asking for threads to be brought over.
Here’s two I was just looking at but there are loads more.

Edit. There’s one problem though as we don’t know what is involved with the remastered Borderlands yet.
So old Borderlands threads may not pertain to the remastered Borderlands.