How do I change a ship's weapons? (ie. Ion Interceptor)

I recently got HWR, and I want to mess around in the HW2R campaign by making some ridiculous OP ships. For this example, let’s say an Ion Interceptor. Note, I followed the directions at Need help with editing ships and platforms but the Interceptors still use their normal guns.

Here’s what I did. Please correct me if I did something wrong:

  1. Decrypt and extract HW2Ships.big from Homeworld Remastered Collection\HomeworldRM\Data
  2. Edit the hgn_interceptor.ship file as follows:
    Change the line StartShipWeaponConfig(NewShipType,“Hgn_KineticAutoGun”,“Weapon_FrontGun”,“Fire”);
    to StartShipWeaponConfig(NewShipType,“hgn_ioncannon”,“Weapon_FrontGun”,“Fire”);
  3. Save the ship file to \Homeworld\HomeworldRM\Data\ship\hgn_interceptor\hgn_interceptor.ship
  4. Add -overrideBigFile to the launcher shortcut.

This doesn’t change anything. The interceptors still have the kinetic auto gun as their weapon. I would appreciate any help with this. Thanks.

There might be a combination of things going on here.

What you might be seeing is that the .event file is what determines the “muzzle flash” from a weapon going off, so you’ll continue using a kinetic one. On top of that the ioncannon weapon is VERY limited in traversing angles and has a little spool up time that may prevent the cepter from ever firing it.

Try something like a pulsar beam or one of those tiny missile launcher the vaygr corvettes use.

Aside from that your process looks okay.

Thanks for the info. I tried other weapons, and even edited the hgn_keniticautogun weapon, to no effect.

Something strange I noticed: I edited several interceptor stats, including health, speed, cost, and build time. The only one that worked was cost. Every other change gets ignored. At least I know that -overrideBigFile is working, and the folder structure I mentioned earlier is OK, but I don’t know where I’m going wrong with the rest of the edits.

Since this is the campaign we’re talking about here there might be some special stuff going on that makes campaign version act differently…

I found the issue. Using the launcher caused the problem. Using HomeworldRM.exe with -overrideBigFile -dlccampaign HW2Campaign.big -campaign Ascension -moviepath DataHW2Campaign -mod compatibility.big allowed the ship edits to work.