How do i character transfer if i sold the older versions of the games?

I recently bought the handsome collection, but i traded in borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel on the 360 to get it. Then today i was reading on how to transfer characters and it says i need to use the game menu’s on the 360, but i can’t cause i sold them. Is there anything i can do without buying back the games? I guess i could rent or borrow them, but that still seems a little unfair just cause i didn’t know i still needed them.

Rent or borrow. The requirement to actually still have the games on 360 is clearly stated in the info posted by GBX about character transfer, and probably results from the way game saves are managed within the XBox ecosystem in order to make it harder for players to cheat and trade saves. (Doesn’t completely eliminate it, but it does raise the bar a bit.) If saves were stored server-side (as they are with some games) this wouldn’t be necessary; GBX chose not to go that route with the BL franchise though.

To be fair this information isn’t stated on the game box, quite frankly I think it would have been nice of them to at least include it in fine print on the box.

I switched from x360 to ps4 so I knew I wouldn’t get that functionality.

I really don’t see the point of getting the ps4/xone version if you don’t plan on starting a new character anyway can’t see much of a point in buying the new gen version just to play your already completed characters, but that’s just me.

The games are pretty cheap to buy these days I’d say just buy a used copy.

Off topic but can anyone trade me a vault veteran zero head on ps4 I desperately want this head but I don’t own ps3 nor borderlands 1 so I would be very grateful and someone can let me have theirs

Please refer to the thread you made on this subject for your answer.

I would recommend simply renting or borrowing the games from a friend. The relatively small rental cost (or likely zero cost to borrow) pales in comparison to the time investment you would have to make to get back all of the characters and equipment you originally had.

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Thanks, i ended up renting the games for a night to do the transfer. Only cost $6 for both. I’m hoping that this newer version inspires me to start some new characters though as well.