How do I connect to multiplayer

Hi. Sorry if this is retarded. I can’t join or be joined by my buddies. New chars. Both on xbox ones. Is there some setting I need to tweak

You have to open up your network connections and make sure that they are set to either open or friends.

When you do that, you can join or be joined by your friends, or anyone else. Just make sure that you check your connection whenever you sign on. Sometimes it resets itself, without informing you.

Thanks for the quick reply. There’s forum thread about not being able to join games. How prevalent is this? Is it most of the time for most people or some of the time for a few?

I tend to experience problems with people a few times a week. Not too often. And usually with the same people.

it’s off and on, some nights worse then others, most times if you do have troubles you can follow the work arounds listed here, Connecting to host issues , and be able to play the game without to much time loss

also note that it is a code or such in the game that is causing issue between the Xbox 1 and the gearbox game, and not anything to do with your network cables or connections as the standard error message states (along with a few other messages)

I’m guessing as an old game there’s no fix in progress?

That’s a good question, and only @JoeKGBX is in a position to answer it.

At a guess, at least one issue is that a fix probably involves an update. Those require certification through MS and/or Sony (depending which platforms are involved) and involve time and money. So an update to fix a single problem seems very unlikely (since there is also a workaround of sorts). An update that fixed multiple issues (like the last major one) would make sense, but again only someone at GBX could comment on that.