How do I deal with mobs better?

I’m early on with moze only just met up with zero but outside of iron bear I keep getting ganged up on in big firefights

What gear are you using, what playthrough, and are you using any Mayhem Modifiers?

Some enemies are just like this (they’ll rush you), so you need something that can handle them close up. Everyone’s got a favorite, but before you get flooded with recommendations for getting the latest rare AF weapon du jour, how are you handling them now?

First playthrough. Mostly just using what I find is useful. Going down the endless mags tree
Ive been using a maliwan shockwave with the rushing offensive skill

Maliwan Shockwaves are fantastic shotguns - do recommend. Using what you find useful is a great way to get a feel for what works and what doesn’t.

For close-in mobbing, I like nova/spike/safe space shields. I will get hit, and these make it pretty fun. Have you found a relic with a good slam effect (tesla coil, or any elemental pool)? The area-of-effect ones are great because they won’t damage you, so standing in the middle of them means anything coming in close eats that damage. Few are the maps where I can’t find enough of a ledge to let me throw a slam.

If you’re not fluent in these, it’s worth refining these chops - kiting enemies near a little cliff only to let them eat it with some slam effect is great for swarms.

If you’re on PC, I have some pretty good ones, but they’re level 50.

Oh Im nowhere near that far in the game lol. I’m on the Gigamind mission

Keep an eye out for these: they can be game changers if you learn how to use them. Gigamind, if I recall, is one of the early bosses with a decent loot pool (if not access to a good world drop set).

Are you… jumping around a lot? It sounds cheesy, but dang if it doesn’t keep some enemies off guard a little.

Some good advice already given, especially relating to nova shields. I’d also recommend using weapons that can damage multiple targets… Jakobs guns for the ricochet, Tediore homing and/or mirv guns, Atlas cloning/recurring/mirv grenades, to name a few. I think I found a green rarity homing mirv Tediore incendiary shotgun and a blue Atlas mirv grenade that carried me many levels. Moze’s splash dmg buffs also work very well with Tediore elemental weapons.

Edit: it’s mostly personal preference, but I also found it relatively easy to level up Moze by focusing on the Demo Woman tree. Lots of good skills for dealing with mobs, including several splash and grenade skills, auto bear, vampyr

Jacobs shotguns can throw enemies back with a nice chest or higher shot. Knockback or singularity grenades are helpful. With Moze you got to move.

I also favor Vladoff pistols for close-in work.
High fire rate, often elemental, they can dispatch a bunch of folks rushing you fast.

Do & don’t listen to him/her/them :grin:.

Jumping is not cheesy, it’s a pro strat. People take movement in this game for granted then complain about getting one shotted. The AI shoots at where you are, not where you are going to be. So jumping is a way to manipulate AI behavior.

Use cover and be patient. Take the time to learn how the different types of enemy moves and dodges. Learn which enemies rush you and which ones don’t. Get a good shotgun for the ones that rush; or anything with splash damage or ricochet so that you can damage multiple enemies at once.


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Torgue weapons would be the most reliable way of splash damage correct? I decided to go to her explosive tree

Maliwan are splash monsters (usually)

I’ve seen some good maliwan splash weapons on my Zane but only a decent few so far here. Im partial to maliwan smgs

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I’m with ya. Westergun smg was probably my favorite gun in my first playthrough and it’s really easy to farm for the elements you want. And the new Kyb’s Worth is ridiculous on Moze. Also, what class mod are you using?

How wrong this is… the ai has as much tracking as they had in bl 2; some enemies to a lesser extent, but mostly keep to an idea of where you should end up. jumping around shows this very well especially in regards to rocket cov (they follow the momentum in the direction your going; often shooting clear over your head or far below where you land) key is to be unpredictable
To be clear, im not disagreeing with the rest of your statement. Besides; if theres a laser on you - hide! (Atleast i learned this with Snake in MGS :stuck_out_tongue: )


I’m having a much more fun and enjoyable time with this tree. Will definitely spec back into the endless later on

My experience is that with the exception of AR/SMGs they shoot where you are. With AR/SMG naturally they track you much better than with other guns. Plus I main Zane and he has access to lots of movement speed buffs and I take advantage of the fact that COV rocket spamming badasses do in deed shoot where you are so I can actually move out of the way of incoming rockets.

I should also point out that the mayhem mode’s accuracy modifier seems to improve the AI’s targeting but I didn’t want to complicate the response talking about mayhem when the OP hasn’t even gotten that far yet.

Without taking into account zane /amara levels of speed; i would say half right, if im running 1 direction and stop just as they fire, can easily notice it is launched to an estimation of where i would be when struck; so in cases of a high speed buff it may seem closer to where you were as you’ll easily pass that position, beyond a snowdrift; moze doesnt have these luxuries

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Keep an eye out for Torgue alien barrel ARs (Blister), they can be very good for mobbing since the beam passes through enemies.

Besides the obvious (better gear and better build), I’d suggest three things:

  1. Before you enter an area, make sure you know how to backpedal and move backwards. The safest spot on the map is the place you’ve already cleared out and usually this is the starting point right before you enter a mob infested area.

  2. Keep moving backwards if you are getting rushed and mobbed. This will force multiple enemies to follow you on a straight path. Most of the time they will stop pursuing you. Shoot and run if they keep following you.

If you have those Singularity grenades from the vending machine, they can effectively stop any rush as well.

  1. Slowly move forward and kill the first one you see. If you are getting mobbed and rushed again, repeat the steps 1 and 2 above.
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