How do I detect modded gear?

People often drop gear in front me online (xbox one). I don’t want to use modded gear but I want to know what to look for so I can avoid even picking it up.

For example, someone dropped a bunch of class mods for me that I suspect were modded. Why do I think so?

One of them boosted like 6 different skills but it wasn’t legendary. It was blue.

Another one had a +7 in one skill. Which I don’t recall ever seeing before.

Another time someone was dropping moonstones for me somehow. I didn’t touch them just in case. When he picked them up, I received moonstones.

Someone else was trying to get me to pick up some item that he claims that when you sell it, it doesn’t go away, so you can build up tons of cash quick.


I don’t like to use modded gear for a bunch of reasons but I like to be aware of what’s out there so I don’t ruin my gamesave or crash my game or make things too easy. What else have you guys seen out there?

Also, do I need to worry about grinding modded legendaries? I figure that’s a fairly safe way to dispose of them that might even get me a legit and useful legendary that I won’t mind using.

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yeah, Blue Legendary COMs are modded for sure, there was a thread around here somewhere that had a pretty good spotting guide, I’ll put it on here if/when I find it.

Unfulrtunately, public games are like this, and there’s not a whole lot anyone can do about it. the best advice I can give you is to avoid spending large amounts of time in concordia (and santuary for that matter). Also, don’t be afrad to just find a different game, not every public game is like this, just a lot of them.

As a side note, there arn’t any “modded” items what will corrupt your save, to my knowlage anyway, so you don’t have to worry about that.

Here’s that thread I was talking about, it’s for BL2, not TPS, but it should be a good place to start anyway.
If all else fails, you can always screenshot the item and drop a picture over here.

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[quote=“Matrixneo42, post:1, topic:1216750”]People often drop gear in front me online[/quote]That’s a pretty good indicator right there. Best case scenario, they’re dupes and not illegal constructs. If someone actually wanted to show off their prize perfect-parts legit Cobra, they might drop just that one gun so you could check it out (but really, to reduce the risk of having some stranger gank it and leave, they’d probably just equip it and let you look but not touch).

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The other thing you can do is check out the max stats indicated for the item. (There’s a max stats guide for BL2. Not sure about TPS, but it would be in the Loot & Weapons section, or there’s always the wkii). That example with the +99% team kill skill duration? Hmmm…


I would say mainly this unless they drop a half dozen different versions of the same item

that’s all I found also and I was sure I had seen something similar on the TPS board

No, they grind the same as any other gear, might as well get some use out of them

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I dunno, I haven’t been folowing the TPS boards that closely TBH.

I like your post. I’m right there with you. I prefer in-game spawned gear. Been re-farming in BL2 for this very reason. dumping the gear that has been given to me for my own finds, whether they be as good or not. It’s been fun…

It also gives you an appreciation for parts on certain gear. some gear is really nice with max stats. you’ll end up learning parts and manufactures due to your endeavor. Good stuff. :smile:


Cool. I’m back in TPS after revisiting BL1 for 2 weeks. Someone dropped all this modded stuff this morning and I think I’ll grind it tomorrow. It’s also a relatively fresh character (freshly to level 70 anyhow) and I think I want his loot experience to be more gradual still. Use what drops rather than what another player gives me. Especially if it’s modded crap.

that is how I roll. :slight_smile: Currently at 89% sham. can’t seem to break into the 90’s. LOL that farm will probably keep me in BL2 indefinitely. Finally got the perfect Rustler’s Striker from Old Slappy. That took quite a few days to get on my own. Well, perfect except stock. don’t care for the Dahl stocks on shotty’s for purely aesthetic reasons.

Also if you see the “new” Legendarys with luneshine

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very true. That brings up a good point. The new unique’s that are able to drop in game now can have lunshine on them if you get them from the grinder. I saw some recent screen shots up in here after the recent hotfix. I want to try for a boomacorn with the grenade damage lunehsine buff. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the grenade buff would add to the splash damage. Making that shotty even more awesome! :smile:

Actually, can you (legitimately) get luneshine on any legendary weapon? I know I’ve never seen one, but then I’ve never tried moonstone grinding legendaries either.

I think you can but there are exceptions?

I think it can only happen from the grinder?

You can legitimately get luneshine on legendaries. I’ve gotten it on many Strikers and Viral Marketers. I don’t think you can get it on the newer legendaries, though.

the blue legendary reaper? YEAH. also, the 99% team kill skill is accurate for a l. reaper. they combined it with a blue though, thats how they got the +7.

This is correct. Claptastic Voyage DLC Legendary weapons cannot legitimately have luneshine on them. Also, the Barrigan from the Holodome DLC also cannot legitimately have luneshine on it. Only the vanilla game legendary weapons can have luneshine on them, with few exceptions. Like the Excalibastard cannot legitimately have luneshine on it. There are probably others that aren’t coming to mind right now. I haven’t played TPS in a while. But I put tons of hours into it and spent a lot of that time at the grinder. I also think they tweak recipe’s for the grinder. Not sure if that is through hotfixes or not. But i have noticed changes to what had been grindable and what is not. That has changed throughout the life of TPS. I hope they continue to “open it up” for lack of a better term. Keep allowing more…

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IIRC, that is known as a Master Key / Master Copy.

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