How do I do a second playthrough of UVH Mode on a PS4?

I completed a playthrough using UVH mode and I want to start a new game using the same mode but I am unable to do so.

On the main menu I press the triangle button but when I choose the character I used for my previous playthrough it only allows me to continue my current game.

When you select your character from the menu, it should ask what playthrough you want to play on.
There should be an option to reset when hovering over UVHM.
Is that not showing up?

As Beedon said, in the main game menu choose “Select Character” instead of “New Game”. Select your character then choose the right mode (UVHM); iirc the option to reset is either there when you select UVHM.

Now I see it. Thanks for your help!

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Thanks for your help!