How do I download?

This is annoying.

I uave tried a billion times, and looked everywhere.

How do I play the Beta. I will NEVER buy a game without testing first. It’s industry standard.

Ps4 is my platform.

Any streams or tubes that you may have seen are from the early access users.

They’re special.

They have stated it will be available for pre-download, so just wait till the end of today or tomorrow and it should be in the PlayStation store. I just checked but it hasn’t updated yet.

It’s on the Playstation Store
Downloading it to my system as we speak…type

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i can’t find it, how did u searched it?

I just typed ‘BattleBorn’ in the search bar

it only bring me to the main game or the delux version, not to the beta client

ok, problem solved, i’m just an idiot

How can i donwload it for PC? I cant find it anywhere.

I preloaded in my pants like 5 times when I saw this gaem. But in concern to the beta, how does one preload?


You just download the open beta
You won’t get to play til the servers go live, but you can check out that sweet menu art

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oh ty it’s up now wow looks so good

Hate to sound like a noob but have been refreshing steam and looking for the last hour and a half and havnt seen anything about the Download.

On steam search battleborn, in the article of pre order, there is the link for preload, for information if you search

Downloading on Steam right now.