How do I farm bosses as gaige

I am currently playing as Gaige with an anarchy build, and I was wondering how I was going to farm bosses if I can’t save and quit because I lose all my stacks. If anybody could help me with ways to farm bosses while keeping my stacks, I would highly appreciate it. Thanks in advance

You could go to sanctuary and shoot the target practice guy in Marcus’s shop, reloading while shooting it stacks anarchy. Although its boring its easy and works, also you could find a route of enemies that you know you could handle and kill efficiently and run that before going to the boss.

[quote=“darkblood05, post:1, topic:1553705”]If anybody could help me with ways to farm bosses while keeping my stacks[/quote]It sounds like you’re asking for ways to not lose stacks when you die… it does seem to happen randomly (depending on the nature of the death, typically falling, I believe) where they won’t be lost, but nothing that you could rely on.

While there are certain bosses that you can farm just by leaving their area and reentering again (Bunker, Teramorphous, the Handsome Sorcerer, Hyperious [as long as you don’t die]), for certain others saving and restarting are the only legit method to do it. While I generally hate to pre-stack Anarachy depending on the boss it may be justitfied to get as many as possible (I’m looking at you Vora…:rage:).

I can’t save and quit or else I lose all my anarchy stacks, so what do I do for bosses that I have to save and quit to reset them. It just seems Inefficient to get all your stacks back after killing the boss once.

I don’t know if there’s a faster way, but a low mag shot gun like the Striker is a way to generate stacks in a reasonable amount of time. I’ve heard of some people just taping the fire button down so they don’t have to sit through emptying round after round.

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I am sorry i wasn’t clear but I wanted to say that I would like to farm one boss repeatedly without losing my anarchy stacks.p by saving and quitting.

Respec to a build that isn’t as dependent on Anarchy for farming, or use super guns like the pimp that operate well without the damage from Anarchy. Otherwise, you’ll just have to kill some mobs on the way to the boss or prestack.

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Look at it this way- if you build to max stacks and still die before killing the boss, you’d have to start over again in that arena with no stacks- unless you decide to just save, quit and reload. So either you go build more stacks or face the boss w/o them, and while most bosses do have minions that you could build stacks off they may be limited in number. It’s why I always take Rational Anarchist if I go the Anarchy route- it may not be much but 25 is better than 1…

You could try this build for farming depending on the boss you’re trying to kill. Things like Savage Lee and other world bosses should be simple enough.