How do i fix coop lag/rubber banding ? please (Steam) (Fixed)

Does anyone know how i fix the rubber band (lag) i get when i join my friends game in coop ?

It is only us two in the game, and he does not lag. Only i do. And if i host he lags instead.

Both of us have top end gamer pc, freshly updated drivers. He has 50mb and i have 70mb internet. Ping is allways under 30 and fps is allways easy over 60. often over 100 more then under.

We both play on Steam platform and we are not shift friends, we tried remove it since it logged us into both account and we hoped that was the problem. But nope, we still have it.

We dont have a single problem in other games, not even other borderlands games. We played em all together without problems.


Try lowering the setting to very low you and your friend when playing coop see if it work, that worked for me for now , it seems agame related issue I hope they fix it soon

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same problem for me and my friends…
really bad experience for a game that is already out for that amount of time

we ended up using hamachi - it’s laughable

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Yea we thought about using Hamachi aswell.

But my friend said you gain less loot if you play “lan”.

Which i think makes no sence if thats true. *How is your loot coming for you mate ? :slight_smile:

I noticed nothing like that

See this thread here;

The only way around it is to use software like Hamachi, or log a support ticket and see what they do.

Fixed it myself.

Set a launch option in Steam for the game too: -NOTEXTURESTREAMING

I joined my friends game afterwards and played with no lag at all.

What the game normally does it load each object as you get close enough, which is what seems to be the reason we lag spike. With this launch option active , it will load ALL graphic needed for each area. So loading takes longer, and uses more RAM . So if your system is low on ram this proberly wont help. I have 16gb ram on pc and i think its 6gb ram on video card myself.

Interesting. Will need to test it.

this may fix performance issues but not connectivity issues

Thats true. I dont have a connect issue tho luckely, i simply used ingame option to join him.

We played like 9 hour in one go and i did crash twice (on same map even) , but thats about as bad as it got for me. And since he clearly stayed ingame, it was just a matter of rejoining him and continue.

Besides that it ran perfectly for us. No other problems.

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