How do i get a mayhem 10 seventh sense?

hey how would I get a seventh sense on mayhem 10? Is that even possible? I already completed the quest long before mayhem 10 was introduced so can i reset the dlc somehow? I play on ps4.

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Have you completed both normal and tvhm playthroughs? You can reset tvhm. This will reset the entire game on tvhm (normal will be as is) and you can repeat every quest.

You will need to play as far as sanctuary though to be able to pick up the dlcs.

No i haven’t done TVHM I didn’t see the point with mayhem mode. So is this the only way?

I mean you could check the trading forums. Don’t see how you’re going to do the quest again without resetting your quests :stuck_out_tongue:

unfortunately you can’t just reset the DLC–you either need to play it in TVHM (which as noted can be reset, just like UVHM in BL2) or play with another character. Every BL game is the same in that regard.

The only thing I’d note is that I thought there was supposed to be a way to purchase mission items from Crazy Earl (or the anointed vending machine next to him)–I haven’t noticed that yet in Sanctuary so it may not be implemented (I think a few things were delayed, such as being able to get legendaries from the Eridium gun you receive in the story). So maybe in a few weeks you’ll be able to buy it.

Eventually you’ll be able to purchase them from Earl’s vending machine. They haven’t added that functionality in just yet. I’m assuming it will be completely random just as it is now, so prepare for some hardcore vendor farming. Although they haven’t clarified if that will include DLC rewards or not. I’m guessing this will be in the next patch.

Only other way is to go ahead and play through on TVHM, or on another character that you haven’t done the DLC with.

Yea, the quest items from Earl won’t include DLC items. No DLC items are in the main game.

They could stick a Veteran’s Reward machine in each DLC. One can hope…


There are other uses for having 2 playthroughs on a character. For instance, you may wish to choose different mayhem modifiers without losing your favourite combo. Or you can load into the ‘other’ save that you are currently playing if you are parked at a savepoint farming a boss and need to sell/bank gear.

Imho, totally worth a second playthrough. Plus, if they ever decide to implement UVHM (a la BL2 and TPS) you are set to play that without having to do tvhm.


I still have the mission open on my other character that I play. I planned to get the seventh sense in the next few days. Do you play on ps4 Then I can send them to you.

This is the only thing that I use tvhm for. I played it just until I got to Sanctuary. This comes in very handy when you’re farming.

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Yeah i play on ps4. My psn is Flaming-Ninjas if you don’t mind sending them that would be awesome.

Well then I will contact you as soon as I have it.


I have now made the mission especially for you. This is what the weapon looks like. I sent you an FR, you just have to accept it.


Does it not come anointed? I dont remember. I’ll accept the FR. thanks man.

The seventh sense is one of those mission rewards that can’t be anointed.

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Okay its been so long since I did that quest I didn’t remember