How do I get back to Detroyer's Rift

I fought Tyrene once and then went to play the Halloween DLC and now I cant find my way back. I can get to Drop Pod but I can’t get back to Pyre of Stars or anywhere else in Nekrotafeyo.

Thanks for any help.

It should be a fast travel point on Pandora.

If you can’t get back to Nekrotafeyo at all then that’s likely a bug.

I dont have a Fast Travel for it on Pandora either. The map for the location is there, but no Fast Travel stations are showing.

@cesar That is a bug (all fast travel locations gone).

What you would have to do is: Go to the brigde on Sanctuary and choose Nekrotafeyo as a travel destination then use the drop pod to get to Desolations Edge again from there travel to Pyre of Stars on foot. Then just use the portal like the first time.


Thanks. Now I just have to remember how to get there…

You can travel there by going to the machine in (spoiler?) typhones place