How do i get borderland 1 heads for borderlands 2

i have borderlands 1 and handsome edition but i didn’t get the heads

You have to have at least one BL1 save file present on your system (XB1 or PS4) when you first start BL2. Likewise you’ll need those present when you start TPS for the first time. AIUI the game only checks on first launch.

You forget to mention than if you play on a PS4, you need a PS3 with a BL1 save. Otherwise it wont work at all because no backward compatibility.

I forgot because I didn’t know!

so should i delete my game and re download it but not the save files? (bl2)

That might work. I don’t know for sure since I didn’t have to do this. I know that’s what some folks did on 360 when the game came out though.

ill tell you the results when its done

and it didnt work

In that case all I can suggest is filing a support ticket:

wait, where do i go after opening the link and going to blhe (xbox1)?

Click the link and look for the “Click here…” link text directly below the “BORDERLANDS: THE HANDSOME COLLECTION” title. That should take you to the 2K Support Page.

I think this link should also work: