How do i get more vip rewards?

I had gotten 1 roll and got one reward how exactly do i get more rolls for the weaponizer so i can get all rewards if possible ?

You get free rolls each time a new season starts (so when 2 starts you get the next one, when 3 starts the one after).

The other way you gain the checks toward the free weapon is to redeem your VIP points on specific guns for Borderlands 2 or The Pre-Sequel.

ah ok so then i gotta figure out how to get more points since i don’t do much on this site lol.

Check every week and open the link to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (and keep it open for a few seconds, even if you don’t have an account on them).

Redeem the codes that MentalMars puts on his website (he’s pretty good at keeping it up to date)

And watch the various videos / read the articles on the “Activities” Page.

(You need to keep the video open as the focused tab until the end to guarantee it does credit the points)

ok cool thank you ! :smiley: