How do I get multiple pimpernels?

I made this post in borderlands2 but it doesn’t look as active as this one.
How to I farm quest items? I got 1 gentlemand pimpernel and now I don’t have the mission available. I’m about to start an UVH playthrough and I can’t remember for the life of me how to get muliple copies, it’s been a while. :flushed:

Play the DLC through until you get the Pimpernel. Once you’ve got one you’re happy with, save/quit and select “Reset”. Repeat DLC1 through to the same point and get a second. Either that, or hit the trade sections for your platform of choice. There are other methods, but they fall under the category of forbidden forum topics of conversation.


Hmm, when I “reset” what I am I resetting? Just the DLC? Or the whole playthrough?

… Where are we to talk about these forbidden topics?

It resets the entire UVHM play-through; folks generally either go back from Liar’s Berg to Claptrap’s place and access the fast travel there, or only do the story to get the power on then fast travel.

I don’t know - reddit, maybe?

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I’ll make a post on Borderlands2 :eye:

Too late now, but next time make a copy of your save on a flash drive, turn in the mission and get reward, throw it on a loot mule, then reload the save and rinse/repeat.

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I haven’t been able to figure out how to access my saves on the xbox one, any tips?

Sorry, I have PS4. I know absolutely nothing about Xbox lol.

I used to be able to move my saves around on my 360 but on the xbox one you don’t have the ablity to manage things like that, from what I know at least.

I haven’t played borderlands 2 in about 2 years but I know I used to be able to to all kinds of awesome stuff with a usb drive and a laptop lol

Hi! Sorry to jump on the conversation but what is regarded the best pre fix for this gun, I have a on going “turn in” hoping for a fire element op8. Never used this gun so know little about it? Does it really matter? Should I just grab the 1st fire it gives me?.

Again sorry for derailing the thread but didn’t wanna start a fresh for a easy answer. Thanks.

What cartoon are you playing as?

Sorry? Me? Lol, I have a axton.

If I were you I would go for a barking one, it does extra damage. The gentlemans does extra crit damage which my zer0 really loves :heart_eyes:

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Or Banbury for higher fire rate.


Okay man thanks, like I say I know little if any about it! It may not even be of any use once I get it lol. But know they are pretty sort after weapons because of it been a mission reward, so may go on my trading list😀

Hey @ScaryCartoons, I got a full set of OP8 Gentleman’s Pimps going spare if you want them?

I would do man… xb1? If am right in thinking you on playstation? Thanks anyway! Appreciate the offer🖒

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IDK what platform you’re on, but you can just have multiple people turn the quest in. I got my sandhawks that way. Or just soft reset until you get the one you want. Or both. Both works.

Zer0 already has the city bonuses so he like barking for the extra base damage that will get more from his city buffs

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I’ve heard people say that before also, I’ll have to get my hands on a barking one to do some test myself…
If that’s the case should I not be using snipers with crit damage? I have a green Jakobs with 11,000ish damage with 120% crit bonus and it hits harder than a purple vladof with 40% damage increase at 16,000 damage, the green is also 2 levels lower than the purple vladof.