How do I get seraph crystals I killed Pyro Pete like a 40 - 50 times

Guys I killed Pyro Pete like so many times and he doesn’t even drop a single seraph crystals any help

Seraph crystals only drop on UVHM.

Thankx for telling

as "benwest93 says, but they can be obtained by 2 ways while in NVHM and TVHM, those ways are

  1. the Eridium slots in Moxi’s Bar in Flamerock will drop 3 seraph crystals when hit (very slow way)
  2. Find someone Farming the Raid Bosses in UVHM and see if they would be willing to let you come in and collect the seraph crystals

what is going on faseeht it’s nightwingisboss coming at ya from the bronx